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Team Durham Communication Structure

There are five Sport Managers who have oversight of all the DSO Sports Clubs within Team Durham. The distribution of sports can be found below. The Sports Clubs are student lead and will annually elect their own Executive Committees that will manage their activity. the Sport Managers will provide oversight, support, challenge and in some cases additional management in order to enable students to have the best experience possible whilst participating in sport at Durham University.

TD Staff structure

Team Durham Communications, Complaints and Grievance Structure

Should there be an issue raised by a student in a specific sport the following initial process will be followed:

Complaints and grievance structure

Student chatting with a counsellor

Student Support and Wellbeing

As a Durham student, you'll find a wide support network available to you while studying at the University. Our aim is for you to feel well, comfortable, and able to get the best out of all aspects of your university experience.

Read more on our support and wellbeing services
Report and Support

Report and Support Process

The Student Enrichment Directorate, of which Team Durham is a sub-section, takes all student complaints seriously and has a Case Manager who works closely alongside the Student Conduct Office to investigate all matters relating to student complaints and concerns, student discipline, allegations of student misconduct, and sexual misconduct and violence. 

If you wish to make a complaint or raise a concern, you can contact the Student Enrichment Directorate Case Manager, Carol Walker, directly - or if you prefer via your Coach, designated Sports Manager, or Head of Sport.  All cases will be handled in the strictest of confidence, passed onto the Directorate Case Manager and managed in line with the University’s Student Complaints Procedures. More serious cases may be referred to the Student Conduct Office for investigation. 

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Report and Support

We take reports of bullying and harassment, hate incidents, sexual misconduct and domestic abuse seriously. All staff, students and visitors to our campus are able to use the "Report and Support" online tool to report an incident or seek support.

Visit the reporting tool here

Point of Contact - Female Welfare

Should any student have a need to talk to a member of staff about any issue connected to their sport then the Sport Manager would be the first port of call. If the individual would like to talk to a female member of staff then Katie Binks or Jackie Lowes are also available.

Jackie Lowes

Student Volunteering & Outreach Assistant Manager

Katie Binks

Senior Management - Volunteering & Community Outreach
Katie Binks - Female welfare