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Club Captain: Isaac Weaver Fives

Team Durham Rugby Fives Club is amongst the oldest and most distinguished of the sports teams at Durham University. The club only became affiliated with Durham University at the turn of the 20th Century, but its’ roots can be traced further than that. It was in 1826, six years before the founding of the university itself, that the club was born.


Throughout the year, senior players and other university clubs travel across the country in order to play at the club. In recent times a rivalry has built between Durham, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Edinburgh as the squads all challenge for the National Championship.


One of the great characteristics of Fives at Durham is not only the competition within the club and with other universities, but also the social aspect. A close alumni network and dedicated executive team have upheld and developed this tradition. Strong ties with the local City of Durham Club and wider Fives community also gives players the chance to gain coaching experience and qualifications.


Today, the club boasts a dynamic and diverse team of men and women, several of whom are ranked nationally in the top 50. We train at the Racecourse several times a week to develop our all-round game and during all three terms we have memorable socials. This combination has proved successful in creating an exceptional team spirit. We are keen to welcome members of all abilities to join the current Men’s, Women’s and Development teams.


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Training takes place every Monday and Thursday 17:00-19:00 based at the fives courts at the Racecourse. 

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