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Welcome to Climate, Environment and Public Health

Explore our range of research.

Molecular Plant Sciences

Our research looks at responses to environmental stresses, developmental biology, genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression and cell biology.
Tropical leaf with rain drops

Durham Energy Institute (DEI)

Decarbonising energy is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today, reducing greenhouse emissions and addressing climate change.
City skyline at night showing blurred car lights

Climate, Environment and Resources

Our research includes environmental and resource-related issues, including decarbonisation, air pollution, and de-risking extractive industries.
Air pollution visual of a globe and smoke

Ecology, Evolution and Environment

Relationships between organisms and their changing environment, from global to sub-cellular, considering behavioural and evolutionary plasticity.
A leopard in the rain forest.

Centre for Culture and Ecology

We are interested in thinking ecology as constitutively implicated in struggles around class, gender, race, sexuality and pressing ecological issues.
A woman sitting on a rock overlooking the forest.

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Our research encompasses a range of academic disciplines, including the physical and social sciences and the arts and humanities.
Firefighters at a disaster site

Medieval and Early Modern Ecologies and the Arts

Marginal natural elements and negotiating the coded systems of meaning used to represent the natural world in the medieval and early modern imagination.
Ancient natural forest

Colonialism, Neo-colonialism and Ecology

Global discourses on the distributed responsibility of the current climate crisis often ignore the colonial histories of exploitation that continue.
Woman crouched in gas mask with tank and tractor behind her

Earth Surface Processes and Hazards

Our research addresses the processes that form and modify the Earth’s surface, and that transport material and energy to and across the surface.
An active volcano in the ocean

Weathered Lives

Objective measurements and subjective experience of ​weather; wind chill, ​bushfires, intergenerational weather encounters and research methods.
Man in a yellow anorak watching a storm out to sea