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Welcome to Nutrition, Agriculture and Health

Explore our range of research.

Centre for Crop Improvement Technology

Groundbreaking plant science research and pioneering technologies for crop improvement and protection. Addressing the strategic needs of industry.
A man investigating a crop sample in a laboratory

Crop Protection and Yield Improvement

Our research includes ubiquitin pathways leading to crop host immunity, toxic fusion proteins for control of mollusc and insect pests of crops.
Crops grown from sample glass jars

Industrial Biotechnology

Our research includes herbicide resistance in grass weeds, new chemistries for weed control and metal detection using transcriptional regulators.
Woman testing plant samples in a laboratory

Molecular Plant Sciences

Our research looks at responses to environmental stresses, developmental biology, genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression and cell biology.
Tropical leaf with rain drops

Anthropology of Health Group

Our group bridges biological and social anthropology, community medicine, evolutionary medicine, social epidemiology and public health.
Four people running in the park

Healthy Communities

The benefits of undertaking physical activities are well known, and sport, physical activity and nutrition play a vital role in healthy communities.
Four people practicing Tai Chi