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Welcome to Neurosciences and Brain, Body and Behaviour

Explore our range of research.

The Brain, Body and Behaviour Academy

We don’t often think about how what we do and how we behave is contingent on what is going on in our brain.
Virtual female head with brain connections

InSPIRE Air Quality and Brain Health Consortium

Our vision is for everyone in the UK to be able to breathe clean air that promotes a healthy brain and cognitive life.
A hiker arms stretched breathing in air

Durham Centre for BioImaging Technology

Bioimaging is a rapidly advancing field of new technologies, making hidden structures visible to aid analysis.

Institute for Medical Humanities (Fringe Cognition)

Can experiences at the periphery of everyday life, for example dreams, provide insights on larger issues?
Art by Lonfeldt

Institute for Medical Humanities (Science of Human Experience)

How do we access the contents of consciousness including thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions?
Illustration of dreaming

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Our mission is to encourage and support high calibre interdisciplinary research to understand and address human health challenges.
EEG Scanning on a young woman

Learning and Memory Processes Centre (LAMP)

Bringing together experts, we focus on the processes of learning and memory in health and disease.
Colourful neurons, brain cells with glowing nodes

Centre for Neurodiversity & Development

We encompass research across numerous neurodevelopmental conditions, drawing on many disciplines and experiences to improve understanding.
Two digital illustrations of human communication

Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome is a relatively rare neurodevelopmental condition caused by the sporadic deletion of approximately 25-28 genes on chromosome 7.
A child with Williams Syndrome

Psychology & Education

Learning is a complex and non-linear process of intra-individual change in mental processes, a psychology-informed perspective on how humans learn.
A woman's head with a virtual illustration of the mind