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About DEI

Decarbonising energy is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today. The Durham Energy Institute is accelerating inclusive energy transitions through world-leading research.

To meet current targets for reducing greenhouse emissions, addressing climate change and achieving the sustainable development goals, the global energy system needs to move towards renewable energy at unprecedented pace and scale. We need to increase sources of secure low-carbon energy, reduce fossil fuel use and change energy-use practices in our society and industry. However, to be sustainable, decarbonisation must at least avoid increasing the inequalities - and ideally, start to reduce them.
About Us
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Approaching energy as socio-technical helps us to understand solutions fully and from many perspectives.

Durham Energy Institute works to ensure sustainable and resilient low-carbon energy systems can be developed which meet the needs of different contexts and ensure fair access for everyone.

Examples of our leadership in energy research include:

  • Promoting a whole-systems approach to energy research integrating the social, environmental, economic, policy, technical and regulatory implications of energy pathways and choices
  • Best practice in innovative training for future energy leaders
  • World-leading research to make Offshore Wind more affordable and reliable
  • Leading international research on smart energy solutions
  • Working with industrial clusters to developing innovative decarbonisation solutions
  • Driving forward the UK Hydrogen Revolution
  • Discovering and developing new energy materials to help achieve durable, efficient, and sustainable energy systems.

With our global partners, DEI is making a real contribution to global energy transitions and ensuring effective solutions for decarbonisation are delivered at local, regional, national and international scales.

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Enquiries about the Durham Energy Institute should be sent via the email below.

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Energy Institute News

New Policy Brief - Regional Decarbonisation: People, Place and Planning

This new policy briefing explores the possibilities for regional decarbonisation energy planning in the North East of England. Local Energy Planning is considered important due to the opportunity for local low carbon energy technologies to deliver benefits in local communities.
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New funding to expand access to renewable energy research

We’re part of a world-leading renewable energy research collaboration that has received almost £5.3million from the UK government to expand its work.
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