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Welcome to Pollution, Air Quality and Health

Explore our range of research.

Earth Surface Processes and Hazards

Our research addresses the processes that form and modify the Earth’s surface, and that transport material and energy to and across the surface.
An active volcano in the ocean

Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics

We work on a wide range of prominent environmental and energy problems. Many of these issues are associated with failure or absence of proper markets.
Wind farm with yellow flowers in the foreground

Urban Worlds

We are interested in what is 'new' about contemporary urbanism, including the techniques through which cities are governed, the how lives are lived.
Modern urban city district

Life of Breath

Breathing isn’t just a bodily function. It allows us to speak, laugh and sing. It connects us to the outside world and reflects our state of mind.
Woman arms spread in a corn field taking a deep breath

InSPIRE Air Quality and Brain Health Consortium

Our vision is for everyone in the UK to be able to breathe clean air that promotes a healthy brain and cognitive life.
A hiker arms stretched breathing in air

Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

Our research encompasses a range of academic disciplines, including the physical and social sciences and the arts and humanities.
Firefighters at a disaster site