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Welcome to Wellbeing

Explore our range of research.

Institute of Medical Humanities (Embodied Symptoms)

How do we become aware of the feeling that something is ‘wrong’ with our body? How do we decide whether or not to seek help for this new experience?
A representation of the internal organs of the human body

Institute of Medical Humanities (Thinking, Feeling, Imaging)

How can literature, music and drama illuminate our understanding of human experience? How do feeling and emotion contribute to our sense of wellness?
A woman in a white tee shirt dancing at a concert

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Our mission is to encourage and support high calibre interdisciplinary research to understand and address human health challenges.
A large group of people having a picnic in the park

What Works Wellbeing

The UK’s independent body for wellbeing evidence, policy and practice. Our work aims to accelerate research and democratise access to evidence.
Woman dancing with joy with other people in the background

Centre for Spirituality, Theology & Health

We seek to promote good practice in healthcare for the wellbeing of patients, health service users and practitioners in body, mind and spirit.
Man meditating in the park with a book by his side

Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) North East & North Cumbria

Our vision is to deliver 'better, fairer health and care at all ages and in all places' organised around seven key research themes.
Family in the park with hands in the air crouching among leaves

Health Beyond Biomedicine

We prioritise the understanding and treatment of biological and physiological effects of different conditions and views of health as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
Three children gardening with a woman in the background

Knowledge for Use (K4U)

We're an innovative, interdisciplinary and multi-institutional ERC-funded research project aimed to build more decent societies through research.
A group of people on a sidewalk

Hearing the Voice Interdisciplinary Voice-Hearing Research

Hearing voices is an important aspect of many people’s lives. It is an experience that can be distressing and upsetting, but positive and meaningful.
A man wearing headphones

Understanding Voices

A range of different ways of understanding or making sense of voice-hearing, including psychological, neuroscientific and spiritual approaches.
A woman with her hand to her ear

Thresholdworlds and Dreams

Are dreams similar to wakeful perceptual worlds? Are they narrative reconfigurations of waking life? No single discipline can answer these questions.
A abstract illustration of a dream

Psychology & Education

Learning is a complex and non-linear process of intra-individual change in mental processes, a psychology-informed perspective on how humans learn.
A woman's head with a virtual illustration of the mind