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Durham University

University Library

What's in the EDC

Durham's EDC covers the full range of official publications of the European Union. The printed collection started in 1969 - four years before Britain joined the European Communities - and in 1995 the EDC was granted "Comprehensive" status. The EDC includes:

  • Legislation - full texts of all directives, regulations, treaties etc, and any subsequent amendments.
  • Proposed legislation - all stages of EU legislation, from the Commission's initial COM document to the Council's final approval, and all stages of consultation along the way.
  • Background information - including full Commission reports, and a range of the Commission's free publications.
  • Statistics - a range of statistical information from EUROSTAT, on all aspects of EU affairs.
  • Bibliographic support - a range of indexes and reference tools to assist you.

Many of the printed resources here have been superseded by their online equivalents. Please see our page of links to European Information