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University Library

Library Remodelling - Summer 2018

New eDen and Library café visual

As part of the Queen’s Campus relocation process, the Library is launching a significant renovation and refurbishment programme across various sites. While part of the work has been done during the Easter vacation adding 100 extra study spaces in the Bill Bryson Library, Phase Two will take place during the summer and the first term of next academic year (2018/19).

Thanks to this extensive renovation and refurbishment work, students and Library users will benefit from an improved Library space and catering provision. We are working hard to ensure that disruption will be kept to a minimum, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

Before you visit please make sure you check our opening times and potential temporary disruptions in order to prevent any inconvenience. This webpage will be updated regularly with further information about work in progress.

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Queen's Campus Library Book Moves

As part of the Queen’s Campus relocation process, some resources are being moved to Bill Bryson and Leazes Road Libraries in Durham. Until this work is complete these items will show on the catalogue as located in Queen’s Campus Libraryfor a short period after they have been moved to Durham.

If the resource you are looking for is located at Queen’s Campus Library, please contact library staff in advance of your visit (here) and we will be happy to check whether the resources you require are available.

Bill Bryson Library renovation and reorganisation work

Library café & eDen closure

In order to improve the catering facilities and eating space in the Bill Bryson Library, we are relocating and expanding the Library café in the eDen, and providing the eDen with new furniture to accommodate a larger number of students. It will still be possible to eat your own food here.

Renovation of these areas entails extensive remodelling work, which will require their temporary closure. The eDen will be closed from Monday 11 June, and the Library café from Thursday 14 June. Both areas will remain closed until November 2018.

During this period,cold drinks and snacks vending machines will be installed on Level 2 until the new café space opens. We encourage you to use alternative catering facilities in the Lower Mountjoy area, including the Calman Café, Palatine Café and Chemistry Café.

From September, an additional coffee cart will be located outside of the Library during weekdays. Information about further catering provision in the Science Site area during term-time weekends (Oct-Nov 2018) will be released when known.

More study spaces and refurbishment work

In addition to the 100 new study spaces installed in April, we are further increasing the study space provision at the Bill Bryson Library. This includes:

  • A further 100 study spaces to be added in the West Wing of Level 1;
  • 4 new accessible study rooms with improved disability support study space to be installed on Level 1;

Internal areas of the Library will be reorganised to make space for the additional study desks. The remodelling includes:

  • Relocation of collections within the Bill Bryson Library;
  • Transfer of low use books to an off-site store;
  • Relocation of the IT service desk into the existing Library café space at the entrance.

Leazes Road Library summer closure

Due to the refurbishment programme for the School of Education, Leazes Rd Library will be closed from Saturday 16 June to Monday 27 August inclusive.

Returning books

During this time the following arrangements will apply:

  • Books borrowed from Leazes Road Library may be returned to Bill Bryson Library. Bill Bryson library will be open daily until 20:00 including weekends.
  • There will be no book drop at either library when the library is closed over the summer, due to refurbishment at both locations.
  • Returned books will be held at Bill Bryson library and may be borrowed again from there.

Requesting books

If you are likely to need books from Leazes Road, please borrow them before 15 June. Whilst we may be able to retrieve books after this date, you will need to allow time for the items to be collected.

If you have any difficulties due to these arrangements, please contact Bill Bryson library staff or email:

Alternative catering solutions - Opening hours

For alternative catering solutions during closure of the Library café, check the opening hours for different Cafés in the Lower Mountjoy area:

Calman Café Palatine Café
from 04/06 to 22/06

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 15:00

Monday - Friday

07:30 - 16:30

Summer vacation

(from 25/06)

Monday - Friday

08:30 - 15:00

Monday - Friday

07:30 - 16:30