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University Library

Exploring E-resources


Electronic books (e-books) exist in various formats and include the following type of publications:

  • Well known books available for general use on the internet, often with search facilities such as keyword searching and dictionaries.
  • Rare research material made available to the scholarly community either through digitisation projects, which preserve the appearance of the original text, or after conversion of the text for online display.
  • Portals offering access to extensive collections of e-texts

The Library has access to a wide range of e-books, both individual books as well as collections of books. Many of them can be found by using the library catalogue and that is the best place to start. You can also consult the list of e-books and investigate those relevant to your subject. Explore the following tutorial of NetLibrary which is a collection of textbooks to discover the range of features available.

News monitoring services and archives

The library provides a gateway to news services and archives which you can search for topical subjects as well as to gain cultural, social and contextual resources for historical research. Good archives which search a number of different newspapers simultaneously include:

The Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 is an online historical archive which displays every page as published from 200 years of The Times (London). You can search the full-text of the entire newspaper, including articles, editorials and advertising.

Image databases

The Library provides links to sites offering databases of images and video clips which may support teaching and research in Durham University.

Statistics, maps and data services

There is a comprehensive listsing of all these services including information about the availability of Datastream - the largest historical financial numerical database, providing access to worldwide equity coverage, market indices, governmental and international economic data, securities, commodities and derivatives data and forecast earnings data.