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University Library

Year 1 Evidence based practice

Resources for Evidence Based Medicine

Understanding how to find and use information efficiently and effectively is an important skill for today’s doctor. The links below will introduce you to some key EBM resources which describe clinical articles that are valid and of clinical use. These resources are the first step to finding the "evidence" because they summarise relevant studies.

Cochrane Library

A collection of databases providing information to guide effective health care decisions. In addition to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE), the collection also includes the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register, the Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews (CDMR) and the Cochrane Methodology Register.

Clinical Knowledge Summaries

The NICE CKS service is aimed at primary care practitioners and provides a readily accessible summary of the current evidence base and practical guidance on best practice in respect of over 330 common and/or significant primary care presentations.

TRIP Database

TRIP Database aims to answer clinical questions, using the principles of evidence based medicine, in a clinically relevant time frame. As well as research evidence it allows searches across other content types including images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news.

Keeping up to date

Keep up to date with the latest news and research via these services:

NICE Evidence - formerly NHS Evidence and before that National Library for Health

A wide range of online health resources intended to act as a source of authoritative evidence and best practice to support health care in the UK.

Behind the Headlines

A patient may ask you about a new treatment that they have heard about for their condition. You can use this resource to track down what they've read and where, it will provide you with a synopsis of the story and and details for the newspaper in which it appeared. It will also provide you with information about formal systematic reviews for the treatment in question.

ACP Journal Club

The ACP Journal Club Collection consists of two journals: ACP Journal Club, a publication of the American College of Physicians, and Evidence-Based Medicine, a joint publication with the British Medical Journal Group. The editors of ACP Journal Club screen top clinical journals and identify studies that are both methodologically sound and clinically relevant.