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Health and Safety Service

University Health and Safety Policy Statement

This statement is the formal declaration that explains the University's approach to managing health and safety.

It establishes health and safety as a fundamental part of everyone's job and explains the organisational structure and arrangements that we have put in place to deliver the policy.

In October 2007, the document was extensively revised, updated and re-designed. Each year the document is reviewed by the Health and Safety Policy and Strategy Committee. Following the review in October 2012, a change in wording of the policy statement was approved by the University Council on 21st November. At the annual review in November 2013, the statement was endorsed as remaining appropriate.

The policy document is now in the process of being redesigned with the updated wording and this will be posted to the web site once design is complete and the policy has been signed by the Chair of Council and the Vice Chancellor. In the interim, the new statement is given below:-

‘The Council of Durham University accepts ultimate responsibility for health and safety and is committed to ensuring that this responsibility is effectively discharged throughout the University.

It is our objective to achieve and maintain health and safety standards which comply with legal requirements and may match or lead national best practice as a result of the application of proportionate risk controls. We will do this through a planning process which will set clear, measurable objectives and ensure progressive improvement.

Adequate control of the risks created by the University's activities is a core function and we will ensure that health and safety is integrated into the University's management systems and into all research, teaching and other activities. Appropriate resources will be provided to implement the policy. Periodic audits will be undertaken to measure the University’s health and safety management systems and performance against recognised standards.

Council has delegated the primary responsibility for implementing this policy to the Vice-Chancellor and his senior colleagues but all staff have an important contribution to make. The University will maintain clear definitions of individuals' health and safety responsibilities and accountabilities and we are committed to developing competence in health and safety management and practice at all levels. We recognise and value highly the contributions of all our staff and we will ensure that we maintain effective means of communication and consultation on health and safety issues. This policy will be reviewed annually, updated when necessary and any revisions brought to the attention of all employees through normal arrangements for health and safety consultation.’

Pending reprinting, the exisiting document is also retained here for reference.

Health and Safety Policy (pdf) (Document temporarily not available)