Durham University

Durham Global Security Institute


‘Urban Rage:The Revolt of the Excluded’

26th April 2018, 17:00 to 18:30, Room IM201, Al-Qasimi Building, SGIA, Professor Mustafa Dikeç

DGSI Conflict Lecture Series

Professor Mustafa Dikeç, Professor of Urban Studies at the Ecole d’Urbanisme, Paris will present his book ‘Urban Rage:The Revolt of the Excluded’ focusing on his research on protest and revolt in consolidated democracies

In his book, Urban Rage: The revolt of the excluded, Mustafa Dikeç looks at urban-based protests and riots in different democratic countries (France, Greece, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Turkey). His observations point towards the underlying resentment, grievances and forms of exclusion prevailing in democratic systems, and as failures of democracy become sources of instability and protest.

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