Durham University

Durham Global Security Institute


Dealing with the past: a dialogue from Bosnia-Herzegovina

5th March 2018, 16:00 to 17:30, Chapel, St Chad’s College, Nedžad Avdić and Friar Ivo Marković

Calls for justice, truth and reconciliation are very common in processes of post-war reconstruction. Whether it is demanding accountability, prosecution and retributive justice for atrocities and crimes committed during violent conflict or calls for the restoration of relationships, cooperation and mutual understanding, such calls bring a potential for the peaceful transformation of conflicts, the possibility of dialogue and healing or sustained tensions between individuals and communities of victims and survivors. This dialogue between two survivors of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s complex war helps illustrate the possibilities of engagement with truth, justice and reconciliation within peacebuilding and post-war reconstruction.

Both Nedžad and Friar Ivo are visiting Durham for their performance with the inter-religious choir Pontanima and will be presenting their experiences and views prior to their concert at Durham Cathedral. Nedžad is a survivor of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, who has dedicated his life to counter genocide denial in his own country, highlighting the importance of truth and justice in the aftermath of war. Friar Ivo Marković, a member of the Catholic Franciscan community in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has promoted the importance of reconciliation as a way of countering ideas of hatred and prejudice that marked different acts of war.

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