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Durham University

Durham Global Security Institute

Mobility and Displacement

People move around the globe and have done so for millennia. DGSi scholars study when and how movement across space becomes problematic or is seen to be so, and more generally how migration is governed. The role of borders is a major aspect of such studies. When do borders, in their material, conceptual, legal, or discursive incarnations, enable, and when do they hinder mobility? Why is movement across state borders categorised in particular ways and not others? How is displacement governed at the state, regional, and international levels and what is the role of the different actors involved in such governance? Research and teaching at DGSi looks at such questions from a temporal perspective as well. It examines the legacies of conflict in shaping notions of refugeehood, and the workings of refugee regimes over time at the level of policy and social relations. It analyses the interrelations between mobility statuses and how they affect the everyday lives of people living in conflict and post-conflict settings, but also of people who have started to settle in a new country.