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Durham University

Durham Global Security Institute

International Interventions

At DGSi, we study the diversity of international interventions in the context of state-building, peacebuilding or humanitarianism. Interventions can be military in nature, but also in relation to development- or peace-related objectives. They can be formally authorised through a mandate of the United Nations, for instance, or can alternatively take place in more informal ways. Our research aims to trace the connections between a variety of actors that are involved in such interventions. They may range from local actors, such as private militias or business entrepreneurs, to external and international actors, including international organisations, foreign states, non-governmental organisations or global corporations. Often, interventions are linked to the creation of particular bodies of knowledge, their bureaucratisation and institutionalisation in global structures of power and inequality. In this, we take a special interest in the trans-national character of intervention and the ways in which such processes transcend neat categories of local versus global or peace versus war.