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What our students think

Why the Durham MBA?

MBA kick-starts an
entrepreneurial journey

Durham MBA full-time 12 months and 15 months

Nabil Parkar

Full-time MBA 2016-17

It’s been a great experience and a fantastic way to develop essential business leadership skills. Overall I would say that the Durham MBA will help you to develop an invaluable ‘skills toolkit’ that will benefit you throughout your career.

I received an excellent piece of advice from my Alumni Mentor who urged me to ‘seize every opportunity’ and so I did. I attended lectures in lots of different subjects, including astronomy!

If I had one piece of advice for prospective MBA students it would be to make the effort to mix with other students and world-renowned academics in fields other than your own. You’ve got one of the world’s leading universities on your doorstep so make the most of it.

There was a real mix of nationalities and backgrounds within my student group. I’d ideally like to acquire additional experience in marketing or consultancy in the Middle East, Thailand or perhaps South Africa. I believe that my Durham MBA will open up a range of excellent international career opportunities.

One-year full-time Durham MBA

Jun King Lee

The main reason I chose the Durham MBA was value for money. For a top 10 UK MBA, Durham offered one of the best value in terms of tuition fees, modules covered, international study trip and, best of all, an amazingly diverse cohort. In addition, the Durham MBA offered a unique 15-month programme which includes a 3-month internship.

I have an internship in London, which was school-sourced by the Careers Team. The Careers Team are helpful and approachable and are there to assist the MBA cohort on career enhancement.

In terms of the modules covered, the Durham MBA was comprehensive, covering all essential business subjects with a good mix of academic and practical learnings. My MBA highlight was the Boardroom Activity. A highly competitive exercise spanning three weeks, it provides a platform to put theory into practice in a safe environment doing a simulation of corporate decision-making.

To conclude, my journey on the Durham MBA was rewarding both in terms of professional development and networking, paving the way for me to become a business leader of the future.

One year Durham MBA

Divya Hemanth

I decided to do my MBA at Durham University mainly because of the course structure as well as rankings. I am totally satisfied and happy with the decision I made. The course is designed in a way that it gives you a very concise and compact study experience in one year.

The residential trip at the start of the programme was extremely good and we got to know the entire cohort away from the business school. The assignments during the programme challenged us to think beyond the regular curriculum and inculcated a research mind-set in us. The real-life boardroom activity at the very end of the course helped us apply everything we have learnt and also gave us a competitive platform to perform. The strategic business project module was of great help for me as it opened doors to a new industry sector. I did a project with the NHS and later had the opportunity to continue my internship with one of their Trusts as well as do post study work.

The MBA journey took me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop a holistic approach in life. It has equipped me with the right competencies and knowledge to tackle future challenges and will help me achieve my career aspirations confidently.

William Camuso

When I applied to the Durham MBA program I was hoping to use my MBA experience as an opportunity to take my career in a new direction, and for that reason I found the Durham MBA program to be the perfect fit for my needs. The intensive one year MBA program at Durham provides a very solid platform of business skills, built through the essential core modules, which students can then build upon with various elective modules that allow them to tailor the program to their own interests.

Furthermore, the Careers Development team were enormously helpful throughout the year, putting on numerous workshops and hosting guest speakers, that were beneficial to students looking to change career paths and to those looking to further themselves in their current positions and industries.

The incredibly diverse cohort of students also added to my wonderful experience in Durham - I was able to not only network with individuals from all over the word, but working in various multicultural teams throughout the year provided additional insight into how business is carried out around the globe. Overall, I found the MBA program at Durham provided exceptional value – both in terms of time and money – and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the skills and knowledge I gained during my time at Durham.

Joselyn Zhou

The Durham Full-time MBA was a life changing experience for me - it opened doors to the business management world. Now I am confident that I am ready to go. I came to Durham Business School FT MBA for its prestigious reputation and more importantly for its comprehensive business management course content and full committed learning experience. After I completed the program, I found that it was a particularly beneficial experience for me to learn, inspire and make lifetime friends with colleagues from variety of professional and cultural background.

All the modules designed to compliment one another, especially Strategy Management which links all modules into an overview of a CEO`s mind from soft skill perspective and hard skills aspect. Boardroom exercise enlightened me how important it is to manage Non Executive Directors’ egos and self-management in order to be successful in my future career.

Furthermore, I really appreciated the opportunity of my internship project. I took the first step to test and dive into the waters in the ocean of startups in London. I found that I could apply everything I learned and what surprised me even more was that I learned so much more cutting edge business management concepts, practical business practices from startup founders, big corporates` Innovation department. Two modules I found were essential foundation to be a startup founder that were Economics and Strategic Innovation. I finally realized that these two modules were meant to enable me to understand the power of technology economy, and to analyze the possible trends of technology economy. Therefore I am able to reduce the risk and make best possible informed decision before invest my time, energy and funds to my own business.