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The International Advisory Board

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A distinguished group of experts help raise our profile, shape our programmes, and maintain our excellence. 

The Advisory Board is made up of senior executives and academics from a corporate background whose close connections help ensure our graduates are prepared for the real world of business.  

The members of the Advisory Board play a vital role in the School’s strategic direction, offering independent guidance on the key issues that affect the School, its relationships and its development. The Board members’ particular areas of expertise mean the School benefits from having spokespeople in a variety of fields – from business and academia to government and the voluntary sector. 

Our Experts

With this group of experts to challenge and support us, we can be confident that our leading-edge programmes remain internationally relevant and that we can continue to grow as a prestigious and respected institution. 

David Croisdale-Appleby

Chairman and Board Director of a wide range of public and voluntary sector organisations.

Priya Guha

Venture Partner at Merian Ventures

Andrew Harrison

Founder, Invisible Thread Ltd

Chloé Reuter

Founding Partner of Gusto Luxe and Founding Partner/Vice Chair of Gusto Collective

Jens Schiefele

Director, Digital Aviation, Market and Solutions Research, Jeppesen

Fabienne Viala

Chairman of Bouygues UK, UK County Manager of Bouygues Construction

female business person smiling     Michelle Lampa

      Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, North America - Riverlane

male business person smiling    Dr. George Lam

      Various Chair and Board Member positions across a wide range of organisations

 Male business person smiling   Andre Yeung

      Various Chair and Board Member positions across a wide range of organisations