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Our Research Centres

Our world-leading experienced academics and active research centres deliver impactful research across the global business world, informing policy and changing business practice.

Centre for Banking Institutions and Development

The Centre for Banking, Institutions and Development (CBID) is involved in a range of on-going research projects examining emerging issues in banking.

Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics

The Centre works on large-scale system modelling of environmental and energy issues, as well as local policy design and correction.

Centre for Experimental Methods and Behavioural Research

We engage with public and industry partners to incorporate experimental methods that lead to high-quality impact.
Experimental Methods in Business Research Group

Centre of Innovation and Technology Management

Our multidisciplinary Centre aims to develop and disseminate knowledge in the area of operations, technology and innovation management.

Centre for Leadership and Followership

The Centre's aim is to build knowledge in the area of leadership and followership and promote this to practitioners.

Centre for Macroeconomic Policy

Our Centre investigates the broad determinants of economic growth, and the possible impact of this on individuals and wider society.

Centre for Organisations and Society

We take a critical approach to studying organisational and societal challenges, engaging in collaborative and inter-disciplinary research.

Durham Research In Economic Analysis and Mechanisms

The focus of this centre is on microeconomic theory and its applications, with a special emphasis on the design of institutions.

El Shaarani Centre for Ethical Finance, Accountability and Governance

The EEFAG Centre conducts empirical research on Ethics, Finance, Governance & Accountability.

International Centre of Public Accountability

International Centre of Public Accountability (ICOPA) aims to address issues around accountability and transparency across all sectors.
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Marketing and International Business

The Group's work examines marketing strategy and management, consumer psychology, human resource management and entrepreneurship.

Quantitative Research in Financial Economics

Our group focuses on all aspects of quantitative and empirical financial modelling, underpinned by state-of-the-art data facilities.
Quantitative Research in Financial Economics