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As leadership strategies, finance, society, sustainability goals, entrepreneurship and the world economy continually evolve, businesses face an ever-changing range of complex problems. Multi-disciplinary research provides solutions to many of these challenges. Take a closer look at our business disciplines and explore our case-based research, led by our team of outstanding researchers.

Find out how we lead, impact and innovate across the business world through our research, business thinking and expert opinion.

Professor Catherine Cassell
Executive Dean
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IMPACT Magazine

Durham University Business School's thought-leadership magazine. IMPACT showcases the impact we have throughout our communities and the business world.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Research into new business ventures, or business growth, with innovation as an important prerequisite for gaining a competitive advantage.


Comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry across the UK and international economies and businesses.


Discover how leadership trends are changing within smaill, medium and global organisations and their impact on the workplace.
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School key research across our society and its impact from coporate social responsibility to foodbanks and UN SDGs to social housing.
Society - crowd of people


A critical field of research dealing with interactions between natural and social systems and their impact.
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World Economy

Research into the global economic system, including all economic activities which are conducted both within and between nations.
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