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Core Modules

The Global DBA consists of five core modules

  1. Leadership and Followership

You will develop a critical understanding of leadership and its impact on organisational function. Your own leadership capabilities will be enhanced through in-depth engagement with research and theory.

  1. Global Strategic Management

You will consider how to build and maintain competitive advantage, and gain further knowledge of strategic management in a global context developing skills in analysing complex business situations.

  1. Innovation and Technology Management

Whilst exploring different models of innovation and technology management to support competitiveness, you will develop your overall knowledge in this subject area.

You will investigate new forms of organisations and the wider supply chain network in supporting innovation.

  1. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Through theory and observation or experience you will develop your skills to analyse the internal and external factors which impact on successful entrepreneurship.

  1. Theory into Practice

You will become familiar with relevant and rigorous theories, aware of theories you can take advantage of, develop the ability to identify a suitable research topic and generate theoretically relevant research questions. You will also gain the ability to identify suitable research methods, to appreciate ethical issues in research and to make an important contribution to both academic knowledge and the practical business world.

You will benefit from close and active supervision, under the guidance of your supervisors who will be subject specialists. To conclude this first phase, and to support and consolidate your learning, during an oral examination you will have the opportunity to have your ideas tested in a ‘viva’: explaining your research design in front of an independent panel and responding to developmentally supportive questions. In addition, you will submit a 15,000-word assignment, full research proposal, based on a comprehensive literature review, and development of conceptual and methodological frameworks, which will form the backbone of your fuller project.

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