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Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed

Pioneering archaeologist Dame Kathleen Kenyon (1906-1978) excavated at the site of Ancient Jericho and established it as one of the oldest cities in the world.

Kenyon was influential in the field of archaeology as a result of her skill and innovation, setting a new standard of practice through her work at Jericho. This exhibition explores the significance of Kenyon’s work, life and death in Ancient Jericho and the importance of the site in archaeological history.

Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed has been developed with a group of MA students from Durham University’s Department of Archaeology. The exhibition centres on the Oriental Museum’s collection of objects sent to Durham from Kenyon’s excavations at Jericho, which range from the Neolithic to the Iron Age.

You can explore this exhibition online by clicking the link below:

Jericho: An Ancient City Revealed online exhibition

Jericho: Exhibition Launch 10 June 2021

Jericho: Ditching the Dirt

This podcast series further explores the life of Kathleen Kenyon, excavations at Ancient Jericho, influential female archaeologists, how the Oriental Museum obtained the collection from Jericho as well as interviews with Felicity Cobbing (Chief Executive and Curator of the Palestine Exploration Fund) and Professor Robin Skeates (Department of Archaeology, Durham University).

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Stratigraphy! Unearthing the layers of history!

An interactive game for the budding archaeologist, revealing the importance of stratigraphy in making archaeological discoveries.

Stratigraphy! Unearthing the layers of history!

For teachers and families

Explore archaeology and Ancient Jericho through two downloadable resource packs for teachers designed for Key Stage 2. These lesson packs feature tasks for critical thinking, expanding vocabulary, and for arts and crafts, all around the theme of history and archaeology.

Jericho and Archaeology Key Stage 2 Education Packs

Download these discover at-home activities for families linked to our exhibition. With the help from Annie the Archaeologist, you can learn about Ancient Jericho and archaeology through fun and easy activities, suitable for all the family.

Free Downloadable Family Activities