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Student Transfer Arrangements

Information about student transfer arrangements is provided to distinct target audiences: students looking to transfer into Durham University; Durham students looking to change programme within Durham University; and Durham students looking to transfer out of Durham University. This web page collates the references to the principal sources of information for these three groups.

Students Looking to Transfer Into Durham University from Other Institutions

Advice for Applicants

The section of the University’s website that provides information for enquirers and applicants who are planning to study at Durham includes a searchable set of frequently asked questions which accesses an extensive knowledge base. One of the articles in the knowledge base gives information about transferring into Durham from another university. It is accessed by using one of the following keywords in the search: ‘Transfer’, ‘Transferring’ or ‘Another University’.

Transferring to Durham University from another university - Undergraduate courses

Procedural Guidance for Students wishing to transfer into Durham from other institutions is provided in the Learning and Teaching Handbook under the title ‘What do I need to know about APL (Accreditation of Prior Learning)?’ This advises students on what to do if they have already acquired skills and knowledge which they would simply be duplicating in their intended programme of study at Durham. The maximum credit for APL which can be offered is normally one-third of the standard programme

Regulations on Transferring into Durham

The University’sAdmissions Regulations are set out in General Regulations Volume II which includes a section called Regulations for Undergraduate Matriculation (including Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)). The sub-section Regulations for the Accreditation of Prior Learning regulates the accreditation of prior learning arrangements for students who are ‘transferring in’ from other institutions, including direct entry to the second year.


Durham Students Looking to Change Programme Within Durham University

Guidance for students transferring programmes internally is provided in a number of places, the key message to students being to seek advice from their academic department.

Examples of where this advice is given include:

The procedural guidance for enabling students to transfer degree programmes internally is set out in section 2.1.2 of the Learning and Teaching Handbook.

Durham Students Looking to Transfer Out of Durham University

For 'transfers out' to other institutions, Student Registry's Exit Qualifications page sets out what documentation will be provided to students who leave the University before completing their degree programme. The page also refers to the Online Document Store which is a facility for current and former students to request a transcript of their academic record.