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Durham University

University Library

Print Journals

To find a journal that the Library subscribes to, you will need to search for a title on the Library Catalogue. When you have found the title you are looking for, you need to first look at the HOLDINGS line. This will specify which volumes are held by the Library and whether we take the title currently (referred to as "in progress"). The catalogue will also tell you if the volume you need is on loan. If the library holds many volumes they may not display on the same page. Select View additional copies under the table of volumes to expand the listing. 

If the volume is in stock you will need to look at the information on the catalogue listed under SHELFMARK.

In the Bill Bryson Library journals are kept on the same floor as the books in the same subject, except for pre-1980 Science journals which are in the West Wing on Level 1. On each floor the parts for the current year are on one set of shelves and the volumes for earlier years (usually bound) are on a separate ranges of shelves, arranged alphabetically by title within each subject. Please check the floor plans located on each level for more details.


For journals in the Bill Bryson Library and those for Law and Music at Palace Green, the shelfmark starts 05… or ends …(05) followed or preceded by the number for the subject.

053.2 Politics journals (32… = Politics books)
54(05) Chemistry journals (54… = Chemistry books)
For journals in the Queen's Campus Library the shelfmark starts J followed by the number for the subject. J61.. Medical journals (61.. Medical books)


Journals in Palace Green are kept in the same room as the books on a subject.

In the Leazes Road Library journals are kept in room 8 and are shelved alphabetically.

Journals at Queen's Campus Library are located near to the Careers Advisory Service.

Journals are also sometimes called "periodicals" or "serials". If you cannot find the location of journal, please ask a librarian.

Borrowing Journals

Recent (unbound) issues cannot be borrowed. Bound volumes will normally be borrowable for either four hours (overnight in vacation) or up to one week, depending on the popularity of the title. They are borrowable in the normal way. If you are unsure of how long you can borrow a journal for, please check the receipt when you borrow the item.

Note: journals may NOT be borrowed from the Queen's Campus, Stockton and Education Libraries.

Please see our page on journal loan categories and fines for more information about borrowing journals.