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Study Rooms

The Library provides group study rooms and individual study rooms, whichcan only be booked by students of the university.

If you want to use a study room, you need to place a booking online using the online study room booking system. It is best to plan and book in advance as this is a popular service!

  • Make sure you select the correct type of study room you want to book (i.e. group or individual)
  • You can place a booking up to fourteen days in advance
  • Bookings may be from 1 hour to 4 hours in length
  • Consecutive bookings cannot be made
  • There is a maximum of total hours you can book rooms for each week, as well as each day
  • If you are not going to use a booked room cancel the booking, so that the room is available for others
  • Library staff may cancel bookings if the room has not been occupied within 15 minutes of the start time

Group study rooms are kept locked. You will need to collect a key from the Help & Information Desk to get into the room and return it to the Help & Information desk by the end of your booked slot. A fine of £1 per hour applies for the late return of the key. Projectors, DVD equipment, USB and audio playback facilities are available in the Group study rooms.

Individual study rooms aren’t locked. You can go straight to your room at the time you have booked. You may use an individual study room without booking if any are empty, but you must vacate the room when a user who has booked the room arrives.

Please see the following pages for further information:

DS Access rooms

There is a DS Access room in the Bill Bryson Library and one in the ISC Library. These rooms contain more specialist equipment for users registered with Disability Support DUSSD and can only be booked by them. DS Access rooms can be booked through the online study room booking system or by phone Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 Bill Bryson Library 0191 334 3042 or ISC Library 0191 33 40270.

Please Note

Information on this page relates to the 2018-19 academic year