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Online resources : subject listing

Resources for Modern European Languages
[+] ADB (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] Allgemeine deutsche Biographie. (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] ArticleFirst
[+] Arts & humanities citation index (Web of Science)
[+] Bibliothèque littéraire de la Renaissance
[+] Brepolis international medieval bibliography (International medieval bibliography online)
[+] ClasePeriodica
[+] Deutsche Biographie
[+] Digital dissertations (ProQuest dissertations and theses global)
[+] Dizionario biografico degli Italiani
[+] Electronic Enlightenment
[+] Electronic text collections in western European literature
[+] FirstSearch
[+] German books in print (
[+] Index chemicus (Web of Science)
[+] International medieval bibliography online
[+] ItalNet OVI database home (Opera del vocabolario italiano)
[+] Iter bibliography
[+] Iter Italicum
Journal citation reports
[+] MediaPlus
[+] MLA bibliography
[+] Le Monde
[+] NDB (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] Neue deutsche Biographie. (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] Nexis UK
[+] OCLC ArticleFirst (ArticleFirst)
[+] OCLC FirstSearch Service (FirstSearch)
[+] Opera del vocabolario italiano
[+] Oxford language dictionaries online
[+] Oxford scholarship online. Literature
[+] Periodica (ClasePeriodica)
[+] ProQuest dissertations and theses global
[+] Publications de la Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée. (PERSÉE)
[+] Publications de l'École Française de Rome. (PERSÉE)
Research in Germanic studies
[+] Scopus
[+] Textes de la Renaissance
[+] Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher-Profisuche (
[+] Web of Science
Web of Science (Journal citation reports)
[+] WorldCat
[+] Zetoc