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Resources for Middle East
[+] 17th and 18th century Burney Collection newspapers. (Gale newsvault)
[+] 19th century British Library newspapers. (Gale newsvault)
[+] 19th century UK periodicals. (Gale newsvault)
[+] ACLS Humanities E-Books
[+] Africa briefing. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Arab-Israeli War and the oil crisis (Foreign Office files for the Middle East, 1971-1981.)
[+] Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection (Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection)
[+] ArticleFirst
[+] Arts & humanities citation index (Web of Science)
[+] Asia briefing (series) (Crisis watch database)
[+] British Library Newspapers. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Burney Collection Newspapers. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Crisis watch. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Crisis watch database
[+] Daily mail historical archive 1896-2004. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Digital dissertations (ProQuest dissertations and theses global)
[+] Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2014. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Electronic Library of Mathematics
[+] The encyclopaedia of Islam
[+] Europe briefing. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Europe report (International Crisis Group) (Crisis watch database)
[+] Financial times historical archive 1888-2016. (Gale newsvault)
[+] FirstSearch
[+] Foreign Office files for the Middle East, 1971-1981. Module 1, 1971-1974
[+] Gale newsvault
[+] HEB (ACLS Humanities E-Books)
[+] ICG Africa report. (Crisis watch database)
[+] ICG Asia report. (Crisis watch database)
[+] ICG Latin America report. (Crisis watch database)
[+] ICG Middle East report. (Crisis watch database)
[+] IFIS
[+] Illustrated London news historical archive, 1842-2003. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Independent digital archive, 1986-2016. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Index chemicus (Web of Science)
[+] Index Islamicus
Journal citation reports
[+] Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection
[+] Latin America briefing. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Listener historical archive, 1929-1991. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Mapping Asia in UK libraries
[+] Middle East briefing. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Newsvault (Gale newsvault)
[+] OCLC ArticleFirst (ArticleFirst)
[+] OCLC FirstSearch Service (FirstSearch)
[+] Picture Post historical archive. (Gale newsvault)
[+] ProQuest dissertations and theses global
[+] Scopus
[+] Sunday Times digital archive. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Times digital archive 1785-2012. (Gale newsvault)
[+] TLS historical archive, 1902-2010. (Gale newsvault)
[+] Web of Science
Web of Science (Journal citation reports)
[+] The West Bank and East Jerusalem searchable map
[+] WorldCat
[+] Zetoc