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Online resources : subject listing

Resources for Chemistry
[+] Analytical abstracts
[+] ArticleFirst
[+] Arts & humanities citation index (Web of Science)
[+] Beilstein and Gmelin CrossFire. (CrossFire)
[+] Beilstein database. (Reaxys)
[+] CAplus. (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] CASREACT. (SciFinder Scholar)
Catalysts & catalysed reactions
[+] Chemical abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] Chemical Abstracts Service registry. (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] Chemical hazards in industry online
[+] Chemical sciences repository
[+] Chemspider
Comprehensive heterocyclic chemistry III
[+] Conference Proceedings Citation Index. (Web of Science)
[+] CrossFire
[+] De Gruyter ebooks
[+] Digital dissertations (ProQuest dissertations and theses global)
[+] Ebooks portal (RSC ebook collection)
[+] FirstSearch
[+] Gmelin database. (Reaxys)
Journal citation reports
[+] Laboratory hazards bulletin
[+] Learn chemistry
[+] Medline (Web of Science)
[+] Methods in organic synthesis
[+] National chemical database service
[+] Natural product updates
[+] OCLC ArticleFirst (ArticleFirst)
[+] OCLC FirstSearch Service (FirstSearch)
[+] Open PHACTS
[+] Periodic Table
[+] ProQuest dissertations and theses global
[+] Reaxys
[+] Royal Society of Chemistry journals homepage
    Royal Society of Chemistry:
    Royal Society of Chemistry:
[+] Royal Society publishing
[+] RSC ebook collection
[+] ScienceDirect
[+] SciFinder Scholar
[+] Scopus
[+] Web of Science
Web of Science (Journal citation reports)
[+] WorldCat
[+] Zetoc