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University Library

Training Resources 2015-16

Introduction to the Library (including tour of Bill Bryson Library)

19th October, 9.30-10.45; 20th October, 15.30-16.45; 2nd November, 11.00-12.15

Finding and Managing Information (with introduction to Zotero) (with CIS)

4th November, 9.30-12.30; 12th November, 14.00-17.00; 9th December, 9.30-12.30

Finding Information: Search Strategies

23rd October, 9.30-11.00; 6th November, 14.30-16.00

Finding Information: Bibliographic and Subject databases

26th October, 14.00-15.30; 10th November, 14.30-16.00

Finding Information: Google Scholar and the Academic Web

28th October, 14.00-16.00; 13th November, 09.30-11.30

Finding Information: Newspapers and News resources

9th November, 14.00-15.30; tbc November*

Finding Information: Discovering Doctoral Theses & Conference Papers

23rd November, 14.00-16.00; tbc November*

Copyright for Researchers

20th November, 09.30-11.00; tbc December*

Keeping up to date with emerging research

6th November, 09.30-12.00; 18th November, 14.00-16.30;

Measuring Research Impact (Bibliometric Research Indictaors)

24th November, 14.00-16.00; 10th December, 10.00-12.00;

Historical Collections for Researchers (with Heritage Collections)

13th November, 14.30-16.30; 2nd December, 14.30-16.30;

Publishing your Research: Open Access Publishing

1st December, 14.30-16.00; 11th December, 10.00-11.30;

Publishing your Research: Research Data Management (with CIS)

3rd December, 14.00-16.00; 7th December, 09.30-11.30;

Networking with Academic Networks (with Durham University Careers Service)

8th December, 15.00-17.00;

(tbc) Critical Reading and Thinking (with English Language Centre)

tbc November,

(tbc) Digital Tools for Researchers: Keeping organised (with CIS)

tbc December,