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ISBN Application Form

The Library holds a number of ISBNs which can be used for publications by departments, centres and institutes under a ‘Durham University’ imprint. It is possible to use these to obtain an ISBN before publication so that it can be printed on the back of the title-page and quoted in advertising literature.


Format of publication
It is strongly recommended that you register each format (paperback, hardback, digital) under a separate ISBN.

You can request an ISBN for different formats by indicating multiple formats below, or request an ISBN for subsequent formats of the same publication at a later date, as they are published.

If you aren't sure which format(s) to request an ISBN for, please select "Other" and provide a short description in the notes field.

Please provide a description of the format of the publication, if required.

Examples: "Child's book printed on waterproof material" or "Digital - user licence"

Contact details
Please provide contact details, which are registered with the UK ISBN Agency (and will also be used by us to contact you with the confirmed ISBN(s) and if we need any further information). This does not need to be the primary author of the publication.

Please use your Durham email address.

Publication details
Please provide details describing the publication, which are registered with the UK ISBN Agency. Most fields are not mandatory, but you are advised to supply all applicable information. Only complete fields applicable to the format(s) of the publication. If we have any queries we will contact you via the contact details provided above.

Please indicate an approximate date of publication (of forthcoming publication) if a definite date is not known. This can be amended once a precise date is known, if required.

Please provide the main title of the publication. If this is a translated edition of an existing publication, please include the original title in this field, and the translated title in the field below.

Please provide any sub-title for the publication. If this is a translated edition of an existing publication, please include the original sub-title in this field, and the translated sub-title in the field below.

Please list all authors and/or contributors here, with an indication of the nature of their contribution here. This should include the names of any translators if applicable.

Please indicate the edition, even if this is its first publication.

e.g. 1st, 2nd, Revised, Translated, Abridged

Please indicate the language of the original edition of this publication.

If this is a translated edition, please indicate which language(s) this edition is in.

If this is a translated edition of an existing publication, please include the translated title in this field, and the original title in the field above.

If this is a translated edition of an existing publication, please include the translated sub-title in this field, and the original sub-title in the field above.

Most outputs should be published under the "Durham University" Imprint. Where there are a large volume of publications from a particular department, Research Institute or Research Centre, we may be able to create a sub-imprint. Please indicate if this is applicable here, and a preference as to what that imprint should be. We cannot guarantee we can set up a custom imprint.

Please otherwise leave blank.

This information is used to confirm the publication rights to the UK ISBN Agent. This will by default be set to "Worldwide", but any existing agreement with a publisher may impact upon this.

Please provide details, or leave blank.

Please provide a simple number, or description if there are several separately numbered sequences.

Please indicate if this is a multi-volume set, and confirm the number fo volumes. Please note, this is for a multi-vlume single publication, not a serial publication.

Please indicate the dimensions of the publication if applicable (height, width, weight)

You can just indicate a default size if applicable (eg A4, A5)

If this publication is part of a series, or part of a planned series, please provide details (eg series title, number within series)

Please provide the ISSN of the series, to which this publication belongs, if known. This should be in the format 1234-5678 or 1234-567X. If there is an online and print series, please provide the print ISSN.

Maximum 500 characters.

Not mandatory.

If you wish to provide an indication, please use

Please indicate all which might apply.

Please provide a URL from where the publication can be accessed or downloaded. If deposited in Durham Research Online (DRO), please provide this if available, or indicate it will be available from there once deposited.

Please provide any other comments you feel are pertinent.

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