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University Library

Staff List

General Enquiries: Enquiry Desk 43042
Loans queries 42938
Administration 42956
Fax 42971
Bill Bryson Library: Mr Michael Wall Acting Librarian 42933 Contact Michael Wall
Dr Keith Bartlett Director of Culture 44373 Contact Keith Bartlett
Mrs Allison Brown Secretary (Part-time) 42968 Contact Allison Brown
Mrs Denise Condron Secretary (Part-time) 42968 Contact Denise Condron
Ms Kathryn Elwick Secretary 42956 Contact Kathryn Elwick
Mr Matthew Phillips Head of Digital and Bibliographic Services 42941 Contact Matthew Phillips
Dr Christopher Skelton-Foord Head of Policy and Planning 42934 Contact Christopher Skelton-Foord
Mr Simon Speight Head of Education & Research Support Services 42981 Contact Simon Speight
Mr Fernando Andreu Metadata and Systems Librarian 41587 Contact Fernando Andreu
Mr James Bisset Academic Liaison Librarian (Researcher Support) 42961 Contact James Bisset
Mrs Natalie Costello Library Finance Manager (maternity leave February 2017 - March 2018) 42953 Contact Natalie Costello
Mr Neil Davies Content Acquisitions Manager 42944
Miss Charmaine Dillon Library Finance Manager (maternity cover February 2017 - March 2018) 42953
Miss Heather Ewington Repository Manager 41586
Mr Richard Holmes Academic Liaison Librarian 42975
Mrs Sarah Hyland Open Access Publications Officer 41586 Contact Sarah Hyland
Mr Olli Lyytinen Web Developer 42915 Contact Olli Lyytinen
Dr Richard Pears Academic Liaison Librarian 42970 Contact Richard Pears
Mrs Christine Purcell Academic Liaison Librarian 42937 Contact Christine Purcell
Ms Claire Smith Customer Services Manager 42945
Dr Mamtimyn Sunuodula Area Studies Librarian 42961
Mr Ben Taylorson Academic Liaison Librarian 42975 Contact Ben Taylorson
Mr Colin Theakston Academic Liaison Librarian 42970
Acquisitions 42948 , 41588
Binding 42944
Caretakers 42947
Cataloguing 42936
Digitisation Service 42967
Document Delivery Service 42946
European Doc Unit 42944
Gifts 42954
Library Office 42968
Middle East Doc Unit 42944
Official Pubns 42944
Past Exam Papers 42967
Reserve Collection 42938
Senior Technician 42940
Journals 42944
Staff Room 42996
Technician 42950
Leazes Road Library: General Enquiries 48137
Processing Room 48138
Palace Green Library: Ms Judy Burg Head of Archives and Special Collections 42965 Contact Judy Burg
General Enquiries 42932
Special Collections Enquiries 42972
Mrs Julie Biddlecombe-brown Exhibitions Officer 43025 Contact Julie Biddlecombe-brown
Ms Alix Collingwood-Swinburn Curator - Western Art 45670 Contact Alix Collingwood-Swinburn
Dr A.I. Doyle Honorary Reader in Bibliography 41219
Mr Alastair Fraser Assistant Librarian 43020 , 42963 Contact Alastair Fraser
Mr Francis Gotto Assistant Keeper 41218 Contact Francis Gotto
Mr Andrew Gray Assistant Keeper 41210 Contact Andrew Gray
Miss Rachel Harding Visitor Services Co-ordinator 41024
Mr Michael Harkness Senior Search Room Assistant 42972 Contact Michael Harkness
Mrs Gail Harrison PA to Director of Culture 44374 Contact Gail Harrison
Ms Gemma Lewis Deputy Curator, Castle 44139 Contact Gemma Lewis
Dr Richard Higgins Assistant Librarian 42935
Dr Sarah Price Head of Heritage Collections Education Team 42993 Contact Sarah Price
Ms Anna Siddall Strategy & Business Development Contact Anna Siddall
Dr Michael Stansfield Deputy Head of Archives and Special Collections 42964 Contact Michael Stansfield
Mr James Taylor Assistant Curator 43023 Contact James Taylor
Mr David Wright Assistant Curator - DLI 43023 Contact David Wright
Ms Chloe Wong Assistant Curator 45670 Contact Chloe Wong
Ms Liz Branigan Senior Conservator 42931 Contact Liz Branigan
Cursitor's 42926
Shop 49347
Staff Room 42998
Queen's Campus Library: Library Counter 40270
Miss Jane Hodgson Queen's Campus Library Manager 40274
Library Assistants: Bill Bryson Library: Mr Gareth Abrahams Library Assistant 42948 Contact Gareth Abrahams
Mr Simon Booth Library Assistant 41584 Contact Simon Booth
Mrs Jodie Brown Library Assistant (Maternity leave until May 2017) 42954
Mr Timothy Buckle Acquisitions Co-ordinator 42948 Contact Timothy Buckle
Mr Anthony Cleeve Library Assistant (Part-time) 41095
Mrs Lisa Cool Library Assistant (Maternity leave until March 2017) Contact Lisa Cool
Mrs Debbie Corner Library Assistant 42938
Mrs Katharine Davidson-Brown Digitisation Co-ordinator 42967 Contact Katharine Davidson-Brown
Mrs Krista Davies Library Assistant (Part-time) 42938 Contact Krista Davies
Miss Stephanie Dawson Communications (Media) Support Assistant 42930 Contact Stephanie Dawson
Ms Luisa Fisher Library Assistant (Maternity Cover) 42967 Contact Luisa Fisher
Miss Evagelia Grigoropoulou Library Assistant 41586
Miss Carol Harris Library Assistant 42954 Contact Carol Harris
Miss Sarah Hauxwell Library Assistant (Part-time) 42557 Contact Sarah Hauxwell
Miss Victoria Hedley Library Assistant 42944 Contact Victoria Hedley
Mrs Alina Hryniv Library Assistant 42938 Contact Alina Hryniv
Ms Jill Jackson Library Assistant 42557 Contact Jill Jackson
Mrs Lynne Johnson Library Assistant (Part-time) 42938 Contact Lynne Johnson
Ms Helen Jones Library Assistant (Part-time) 42954 Contact Helen Jones
Mrs Elena Carlaw Repository Assistant 41586
Mrs Amy Malone Library Assistant 41584 Contact Amy Malone
Miss Clare Miller Library Assistant 41584 Contact Clare Miller
Mrs Kate Page Library Supervisor 42943 Contact Kate Page
Mr Toby Reynolds Metadata Co-ordinator 42936 Contact Toby Reynolds
Mrs Kate Reynolds-taylor Library Assistant 42938 Contact Kate Reynolds-taylor
Miss Katherine Skellett Library Assistant 42948 Contact Katherine Skellett
Mrs Emma Walters Library Assistant (Part-time) 42944 Contact Emma Walters
Miss Judith Walton Library Assistant 42946
Mrs Caroline Wilson Library Assistant (Part-time) 41584 Contact Caroline Wilson
Library Assistants: Leazes Road Library: Miss Julie Young Leazes Road Library Supervisor 48137 Contact Julie Young
Ms Barbara Parkinson Library Assistant (Part-time) 48138 Contact Barbara Parkinson
Library Assistants: Palace Green Library: Mr Francis Addison Digitisation Assistant 41211 Contact Francis Addison
Mrs Katherine Black Secretary/Receptionist 43024 Contact Katherine Black
Mr Robin Brownlee-sayers Digitisation Assistant 41211 Contact Robin Brownlee-sayers
Dr Jonathan Bush Cataloguer, Ushaw College 42977
Mrs Sarah Cleeve Cataloguer, Ushaw College 42977 Contact Sarah Cleeve
Miss Caroline Craggs Digitisation Assistant 41212 Contact Caroline Craggs
Miss Gizella Dewath Digitisation Assistant 41221 Contact Gizella Dewath
Ms Carolyn Gaw Exhibitions Assistant 43019 Contact Carolyn Gaw
Dr Sheila Hingley Cataloguer, Ushaw College 42977 Contact Sheila Hingley
Miss Claire Marsland Curatorial Assistant, Ushaw College 42977 Contact Claire Marsland
Miss Caitlin Potts Visitor Services Assistant (Part-time) 42932 Contact Caitlin Potts
Miss Stacey Seddon Search Room Assistant 43020 Contact Stacey Seddon
Ms Chris Tallentire Visitor Services Assistant (Part-time) 42976 Contact Chris Tallentire
Miss Kelly Thompson Visitor Services Assistant (Part-time) 42976 Contact Kelly Thompson
Mr Andrew Turnbull Visitor Services Assistant (Part-time) 42976 Contact Andrew Turnbull
Library Assistants: Queen's Campus Library: Miss Rebecca Baines Library Assistant 40270 Contact Rebecca Baines
Mr Christopher Bennett Extended Hours Supervisor 40270 Contact Christopher Bennett
Mrs Sally Bisset Library Supervisor (Part-time) 40273 Contact Sally Bisset
Mrs Samantha Brooks Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Samantha Brooks
Mrs Helen Brown Library Supervisor (Part-time) 40273 Contact Helen Brown
Mrs Linda Duffield Library Assistant (Part-time) 40270 Contact Linda Duffield
Mrs Laura Jackson Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Laura Jackson
Mr Aurang Khaliq Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Aurang Khaliq
Mrs Catherine Kibble Library Assistant (Part-time) 40270 Contact Catherine Kibble
Miss Katherine Krick Library Assistant 40270
Miss Jennifer Knaggs Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Jennifer Knaggs
Miss Louise Lowe Library Assistant (Part-time) 40270 Contact Louise Lowe
Mrs Ann Nicholson Library Assistant (Part-time) 40270 Contact Ann Nicholson
Mrs Carol Ross Library Assistant (Part-time) 40270 Contact Carol Ross
Mrs Damaris Serewicz Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Damaris Serewicz
Miss Loren Simpson Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Loren Simpson
Miss Melanie Curry Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Melanie Curry
Ms Leigh Stapleton Library Assistant 40270
Mr Douglass Virdee Extended Hours Assistant 40270 Contact Douglass Virdee
Miss Jacqui Warwick Library Assistant 40272 Contact Jacqui Warwick
Extended Hours Assistants: Miss Elana Hobkirk Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Elana Hobkirk
Mr Christopher Lindop Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Christopher Lindop
Miss Stephanie Maddison Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Stephanie Maddison
Mr Daniel Mitchell Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Daniel Mitchell
Mr Elliot O'sullivan Extended Hours Assistant 46310 Contact Elliot O'sullivan
Dr Lara Pearson Extended Hours Assistant 43042
Mrs Tracy Pearson Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Tracy Pearson
Miss Kirstyn Raitz Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Kirstyn Raitz
Miss Harriet Salisbury Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Harriet Salisbury
Dr Kevin Sheehan Extended Hours Supervisor 43042 Contact Kevin Sheehan
Miss Ruth Smith Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Ruth Smith
Mr Alan Williams Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Alan Williams
Mr Alexander Wilson Extended Hours Assistant 43042 Contact Alexander Wilson
Shelving Assistants: Mr Stephen Beckett Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Stephen Beckett
Mrs Kate Brown Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Kate Brown
Mrs Glenys Coote Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Glenys Coote
Ms Anne Cosgrove Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Anne Cosgrove
Mrs Diane Crisp Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Diane Crisp
Mr Gary Pepper Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Gary Pepper
Miss Laura Rowland Shelving Assistant 42928 Contact Laura Rowland