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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.V.8 Radulphus; Origen; Bernard s. xii med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

1/6/90 AJP revision of AJP + AID

[1] + 3 (paper, s. xvii) + 91 + [1]; foliated i-iii, 1-91. Membrane (0.2 mm.; matt; hair and flesh sides indistinguishable; some flaws, neatly repaired [i.e. PATCHED: WHERE] before writing), c. 145 x 100 mm., cropped on all sides.

Collation: (A: ff. 1-30) 1-38, 46; (B: ff. 31-61) 5-78, 88 wants 2 after f. 55; (C: ff. 62-91) 9-118, [128 wants 7-8 (blank ?) after f. 91] now re-arranged (?) as 124 wants 3-4 (blank?) after f. 87 and 134.

No remaining evidence of prickings. Written space c. 100-110 x 60-70 mm.; ruled in brown. 20-22 long lines or, f. 31, 2 columns; first written line above ruling.

Written in proto-Gothic minuscule, proficiently, with ampersand and tailed e, and some ascenders treated cursively.

Decoration: text-capitals filled with buff, ff. 5, 7v, or green, ff. 30v-31. Initials: (i) to subsections in items 2 and 3, 1-line, red or green; (ii) to lists of steps (f. 31) and each gradus in item 3 and to item 4 D, 2-line, alternately red and green; (iii) to homily 2 of item 2, to item 3 (f. 31v) 3-line, as (i); (iv) to item 4 L, red and green; (v) to items 1 and 2, 3-line +, in green or blue, with geometric infilling in blue or green and buff and red.



1. ff. 1-4 Domino suo et ubique laude eximia pre5dicando. Guillelmo priori de tantonia. suus per omnia. Radulfus. nouus monachus. peccator antiquus. scientia leui. ... ... certe uel cicatricatum pectus ad ueniam.

Ralph 'novus monachus', Laudatory letter to William prior of Taunton. William occurs as prior of the Augustinian house of Taunton in 1133 and 1136 x 1137 (Heads of Religious Houses, p.185).

2. ff. 5-30v De Canticis Canticorum Tractatus Origenis. Quomodo didicimus per Moysen esse quedam non sola sancta ... ... ut digni efficiamur sponsi sermone. sapientia iesu: cui est gloria et imperium. in secula seculorum. Amen.

Origen, trans. Jerome, Homiliae in Canticum Canticorum. PG 13,37-58; PL 23,1175-1196; ed. W. A. Baehrens, Origenes Werke viii - Homilien zu Samuel I, zum Hohelied und zu den Propheten, Kommentar zum Hohelied, in Rufins und Hieronymus' Ubersetzungen, (GCS 33; 1925), 27-60.


3. ff. 31-61v Incipit Liber Venerabilis Bernardi Abbatis Clarevallis de gradibus humilitatis. Scala humilitatis. Primus gradus ascendendi. corde et corpore semper humilitatem ... Xijus. Consuetudo peccandi. (f. 31v) Rogasti me frater Gott[efride]. quatinus ea que de gradibus humilitatis coram fratribus locutus fueram ... ... melius in tuo corde. quam in nostro codice leges.

Bernard, De Gradibus Humilitatis et Superbiae. PL 182,941- 972 lacking 965/20 'psalmodia unius noctis'- 966/ 22 'minoribus occupandum'; ed. J. Leclercq & H. M. Rochais, S. Bernardi opera iii - Tractatus et opuscula, (Rome; 1963), 13-59 lacking pp. 49/5 - 50/16, listing this copy without mentioning that it is one of the few lacking the retractio (p. 6). The amount of text lost between ff. 55 and 56 is the equivalent of one folio. The only break in the first part of the text is a coloured capital without heading at (20); in the second part there is a capital with heading for each gradus, except vi and vii which fall in the missing section, and a capital at (57).

The list, f. 31, is set out in two columns, each with twelve steps.


4. ff. 62-91v Epistola bernardi abbatis ad Guillelmum abbatem de sequenti opusculo. Domno Guillelmo abbati sancti Theoderici. frater. Bernardus. Opusculum de gratia et libero arbitrio. quod illa qua scitis occasione ... Incipit liber B. abbatis de liber arbitrio. Loquente me coram aliquando ... ... non quos iustos inuenit: hos et magnificauit.

Bernard, De gratia et libero arbitrio. PL 182,1001-1030; ed. J. Leclercq & H. M. Rochais, S. Bernardi opera iii - Tractatus et opuscula, (Rome; 1963), 165-203, listing this copy (p. 159). No major divisions.

Correction & Annotation:

Original correction of error by homoteleuton over erasure, f. 12

Accents added over long vowels, ff. 62-65v, perhaps for instruction or reading aloud.

Long note, s. xiii ex., heavily cropped, from '[An]selm de similitudinibus', f. 30v foot. Items 3 and 4 have many marginalia in a minute cursive hand, s. xiii. Item 2 has some plummet notes, s. xiv, and a human head on f. 25.

Written in England, not before 1153 (item xx) and not after (?) canonisation of Bernard in 1174, here 'venerabilis', f. 31.

Secundo folio: lius obest (f. 2); illos perueniendum (f. 32); nisi in spiritu (f. 63).

'In isto libello continentur | tractatus origenis super canticis pro parte | bernardus de gradibus humilitatis | et idem de libero arbitrio', in red, s. xiii/xiv, f. 1 foot, presumably for a library.

'Richard Redmayn', with phrases in French, s. xv med., f. 94v.

List of contents, by George Davenport, f. i.

brown calf, the sides bearing panels formed by double fillets with Hugh Hutchinson's crested roll and fleur-de-lis tool (no.?), the spine divided across by eleven pairs of double fillets; 1 clasp.