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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.V.18 Biblia s. xiii

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

27/6/90 AJP revision of AJP

[1] + 1 (paper, s. xvii) + 421 + [1]; foliated 1-420, repeating 181 and 230. Membrane (0.05 mm.; flesh- and hairsides indistinguishable), 132 x 85-88 mm., all edges cropped. ff. 206 and 207 stained and partly torn away; ff. 348-6 stained by liquid; tears in ff. 107 and 305-6, repaired.

Collation, only partly practicable: 124, 224 wants 10 after f. 30 and 22-24 after f. 41, 326, 4-624, 724 wants 15 after f. 153, with ff. 221-24324 and ff. 328-35226 wants 16 after f. 342.

No evidence of pricking. Written space 91-92 x 62 mm. or, item 2, 100 x 68 mm.; ruled in brown. 2 columns; 49 or, item 2, 53-56 lines.

Written in very small Gothic textura, proficiently.

Decoration: text-capitals in item 1 filled with red. Initials: (i) to psalm-verses in item 1 and to each entry of item 2, 1-line, alternately red and blue; (ii) to chapters of item 1 and letter divisions and subdivisions of item 2, 2-line, alternately red and blue, with infilling and flourishing of the other colour; (iii) to prologues in item 1 and Prayer of Jeremiah, 3- or 4-line, red and blue with infilling and flourishing in both colours; (iv) to Ruth, III and IV Kings, 5-line, as (iii); (v) to books of item 1, except as (iv) above, to Psalms 38, 52, 68, 80 and 97, and to item 2, 5-line or more, in blue or pink, generally alternately, patterned with white, on grounds of pink or blue outlined in black and embellished with groups of 3 white dots, filled with blue, pink or grey, and decorated with animal-bodies and lion-heads in white and with stiff foliate forms in pink, blue, orange and mustard-yellow; (vi) opening of Genesis missing.

Running-titles, naming books, across openings, in alternating red and blue capitals, with 'Prologus' at the start of I Kings and Daniel, ff. 93v-94 and 279. Marginal chapter-numbers similar, with some guides surviving in the lower margin, e.g. '.ij.' minutely written f. 305v.


1. ff. 2-392 (beginning imperfectly) ro de carne mea. Hec uocabitur uirago; quoniam de uiro sumpta est ... ... Gratia domini nostri Iesu Christi cum omnibus nobis amen.

Bible, in the usual order, lacking Nehemiah, Judith, Esther, Job, Hosea - Haggai, and parts of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, II Chronicles, I and II/III Ezra, Tobit, Psalms, Ecclesiasticus, Isaiah, Daniel, and John.

Genesis starting imperfectly at 2:23 f. 2, Exodus f. 21, Leviticus f. 35v, Numbers f. 43v, Deuteronomy f. 58v, Joshua f. 73, Judges f. 82v, Ruth f. 92v, I Kings f. 94v, II Kings f. 108, III Kings f. 118v, IV Kings f. 131, I Chronicles f. 143, II Chronicles starting imperfectly at 3:5 f. 154 and followed without a break by Prayer of Manasses f. 166, I Ezra f. 167 breaking off at 4:9, II/III Ezra starting imperfectly at 5:72 f. 168, Tobit f. 170v breaking off at 2:9, Psalms starting imperfectly at 31:7 f. 171, Proverbs f. 188, Ecclesiastes f. 196, Song of Songs f. 198v, Wisdom f. 200, Ecclesiasticus f. 206 breaking off at 51:1, Isaiah starting imperfectly at 1:29 f. 221, Jeremiah f. 237, Lamentations f. 256v, Prayer of Jeremiah f. 258, Baruch f. 258, Ezekiel f. 260v, Daniel f. 279v breaking off at 4:24, Zechariah f. 282, Malachi f. 285, I Maccabees f. 286, II Maccabees f. 297v, Matthew f. 305, Mark f. 316, Luke f. 323v, John f.335v, Romans f. 343v, I Corinthians f. 348, II Corinthians f. 352v, Galatians f. 355v, Ephesians f. 357, Philippians f. 359r, Colossians f. 360r, I Thessalonians f. 361, II Thessalonians f. 362, I Timothy f. 362v, II Timothy f. 364, Titus f. 365, Philemon f. 365v, Hebrews f. 365v, Acts f. 369v, James f. 381, I Peter f. 382, II Peter f. 383v, I John f. 384, II John f. 385v, III John f. 385v, Jude f. 385v, Revelation f. 386v.

Jeremiah ends with the introductory sentence of Lamentations, f. 265v.

The rubrics to a few books include Hebrew names, e.g. 'Incipit malachim id est liber regum tercius', 'Incipit dabreiamin id est verba dierum que est paralipomenon liber primus' ff. 118v, 143. There are long rubrics to Baruch's sermon, and Jeremiah's letter, ff. 259 and 260.

The prologues are those of the common set (MMBL i,96-97): opening of Genesis missing, Stegm"uller nos 311 (f. 72v), 323 (f. 94v), 328 (f. 143), 327... beginning with address 'Evsebius. ieronimus ... salutem. Quoniam grecorum ...' and all after first 12 lines gone (f. 153v), 330 (f. 166v), 332 beginning with address (f. 170v), 457 (f. 187v), 462 (f. 196), 468 (f. 200), Eccli. prologue treated as separate (f. 206), 487 (f. 236v), 491 (f. 258), 492 ending 'phagolidoli. hoc est aput nos; manducans senecias' (f. 260v), 494 (f. 279), ...539 (f. 282), 543 (f. 284v), 547 (f. 285v) 553 with addresses & 551 (f. 286), 590 & 589 (f. 305), 607 (f. 316), Luke 1:1-4 & 620 (f. 323), 624 (f. 335v), 677 (f. 343v), 685 (f. 348), 699 (f. 352v), 707 (f. 355v), 715 (f. 357), 728 (f. 359), 736 (f. 360), 747 beginning as 749 (f. 361), 752 (f. 362), 765 (f. 362v), 772 (f. 364), 780 (f. 364v), 783 (f. 365v), 793 (f. 365v), 640 beginning 'Lvcas antiocensis nacione syrus ...' (f. 369), 809 (f. 381), 839 (f. 386).

2. ff. 392v-419v Aaz; apprehendens uel apprehensio. az; testificans uel testimonium. Adhar; deprecacio. Aalma; uirgo ... ... Zvsim consiliantes eos uel consiliatores eorum.

Interpretationes nominum hebraicorum. Stegm"uller 7709 (Stephen Langton). Lacking, between ff. 398 and 399, last [61] entries under A and all entries under B except last three, i.e. amounting to 3 folios; between ff. 403 and 404, end of F [140 entries] and [26 entries] beginning of G, amounting to 1 folio; between ff. 411 and 412, [29 entries] of M, all N and [138 entries] of O, amounting to 2 folios.

3. (added, s. xiii2) f. 419v 2 feria canticum Confitebor tibi domine. ysa 12.| ... ... 4 Exultauit cor meum .1.R.2.

Note of OT canticles at Lauds, feria 2-6 (disordered) and Saturday. As Breviarium ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum, ii,87,110,166,147,187,126. All lined through in red.

4. (added, s. xiv ex.) f. 420r-v Ad primam missam. Leccio. Populus gencium. Ysaie .9. ... ... Euangelium. Cum intrasset Iesus. Math. 21.

List of lections, epistles and gospels at Mass, Christmas - Lent I feria iii. As Missale ad usum insignis et praeclarae ecclesiae Sarum, ed. F. H. Dickinson, (Burntisland; 1861- 1883), pp. 51-153.

5. (scrawled in lower margins, s. xvi2)

(a) f. 295 Ave Maria in English.

(b) f. 392 All prayse and dew renowne o lord grant thy holye Name and not to vs most wretched wygh[ts] do thou impart the same

Correction & Annotation:

Corrections entered in margins, s. xiii. Passages, mainly in N.T., marked off in margins by 3 dots and a tail, s. xv (?).

Note on 'scutum fidei', f. 358v, s. xv ex. Psalms numbered in margins, as in Anglican usage, s. xvi1.

Written in northern France, to judge by the inclusion of Psalms and the style of flourishing (especially terminals), and by the principal initials, for which cf. perhaps R. Branner, Manuscript Painting in Paris during the Reign of Saint Louis, (Univ. of California; 1977), Amiens atelier (pl. X, etc .)

Secundo folio missing.

Item 4 added in an English hand, s. xiv ex. '<Caucio magistri F.. exposita ciste sancte> trinitatis Ao et die quibus supra et est vna biblia cuius 2m fo rede carne mea et v[alet ?] xxvjs viijd', f. 419v, a caution-note referring to a chest at Cambridge, s. xv.

'Robert', f. 266 upside down, and a smeared note, f. 263, in the same (?) hand as item 5, of which (a) suggests Roman Catholic ownership, but cf. Psalm-numbering.

'William Wilkingsonn | his booke', f. 420, s. xvii med.

'Geo. Davenport | Ex dono Amicissimi viri | Geo. Barkas Generosi. | 1665.', f. 1.

as MS V.V.5, with edges of leaves reddened.