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Durham University

Special Collections

DUL MS Cosin V.V.1 New Testament, etc. (in English) s. xiv ex.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

30/3/90 AJP revision of AID 24/2/89

[1] + iii (paper, s. xvii) + 177 + i (paper, s. xvii) + 1; foliated 1-181. Membrane (0.12 mm.; smooth; some flaws; quires with fleshside outermost), 185 x 120 mm. Outer margins of ff. 96, 110, 147 and 161 cut away, also the top half of that of f. 162.

Collation of ff. 4-180: 18-58, 610, 78-88, 910; 108-218, 226 lacks 6 (blank ?). Catchwords on quires 1-20, in red or black frames. Leaves in the first half of quire 19 lettered a-d, in soft brown; fourth leaf of quire 21 numbered iiii, in blue-green, like edge-staining, f. 171.

No evidence of pricking. Written space 132 x 80 mm.; ruled in soft brown. 2 columns; 42 or, for item 2, 40 lines.

Written in small textura, by two hands, (I) item 1, with occasional cursive features (e.g. looped d, w), especially in the top line, with some ascenders elaborated, (II) item 2, neater, with elaborated descenders in the bottom line, and darker ink.

Punctuation includes punctus elevatus and virgula in items 1 and 2.

Decoration: in item 1 only. Underlining of the alternative phrases in red. Paraphs to sections of chapters and marginal chapter-numbers in red. Initials: (i) to chapters, 2-line, blue, with infilling and distinctive flourishing in red; (ii) to gospels, Acts, some epistles and Apocalypse, 3- or 4-line, as (i).

Running titles in red, on pages of item 1, by scribe (I).


f. 2 List to item 2, see below.

1. ff. 4-175/b Matheu. e book of e generacioun of Jesu crist ... ... (f. 79/b) at ben to be writen. Heere enden e gospels of matheu. mark. luk. & Joon/ (f. 80) e apostlis dedis| For soe ou theophil ... (f. 104v/b) ... wiouten forbeedynge/ e pistle of Jamys capitulum primum. Iamys e seruaunt of god ... ... (f. 164v/a) wipb 3ou all amen/| Here eenden e pistels of Poule: And here bygynnepb e apocalippis. capitulum primum/ Apocalippis or reuelacioun of iesu crist ... ... e grace of oure lord iesu crist wipb 3ou alle amen. Here eendipb e apocalippis or reuelacioun of seynt Joon euangelist. Blessid be e hooly trinyte amen.

New Testament (Gospels, Acts, Catholic Epistles, Pauline Epistles, Apocalypse), in the Wycliffite Early Version; no.136 in the list of copies of the Wycliffite scriptures in Forshall & Madden's edition, vol.1 (1850), and C.Lindberg, `Manuscripts and versions'. According to Mr H. Hargreaves this copy is close to that in Manchester, John Rylands University Library MS Eng.81, pr. W. Pickering (1848).

John and Acts begin new quires, 8 and 10, with f.79/b-79v/b left blank except column ruling.

2. ff. 175v/a-179v/a Heere bigynnen goode materes nedful to be knowun. Seynt austyn sei. who so prechipb e gospel ... ... & ellis he is not goddis prest.

Lollard selection of patristic dicta, quoting Gregory, Bernard, Ambrose, etc.; described C. Van Nolcken, The Middle English translation of the Rosarium Theologie (M.E.Texts , 198 ), p.35 as 'little more than a list of authorities on subjects such as begging, manual work for clergy, Christ's law, church wealth, hypocrites and song, [that] draws upon several relevant entries [of the Floretum, the larger version of the Rosarium]'. Part of this treatise is also Oxford Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 210, ff. 168-74. Nine 'Theses defended in the treatise annexed' listed, f. 2, '1617'.

3. (added)

(a) f. 180 'Jesus Mercy' (and something following, possibly 'Mary Help', cut out), 'et non est <alius ?> qui adiuve<t ?>', s. xvi in.

(b) f. 180v 'my lord my god y hope in the <e e> | y shal not confunde with owten ende', s.xiv ex./xv in. (c) f. 180v 'Verses found on an olde Abby wall | Christ was the worde yt spake it | Hee gaue the breade & brake it | Looke what that worde did make it | That I beleeue & take it.', s. xvii.

(b) Quoting or lxx.1, in a Wycliffite (?) version.

(c) Widely known statement of Roman Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist.

Corrections and Annotations:

Corrections in item 1 by the main scribe over erasures or in margins, e.g. ff. 118v/b, 150v/a, 61, or, by scribe (II) (?), by interlineation or in margins, with expunctuation, e.g. f. 10. Repeated passages, ff. 118v/a, 133v, crossed through in red.

Words and signs in distinctive cartouches in the margins of item 1, in ink and script similar to item 2, marking references to preaching and persecution, especially in Matthew and 2 Peter, e.g. 'war bepb not deceyued' ff. 110v- 111, 'war antecrist' f. 112/a, suggestive of Lollard sympathies; also 'marke' and 'war' repeatedly, and other purely descriptive words ('men', 'wymmen', 'lordes') or, f. 157, 'lo lo'.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: hi3. wepyng.

Illegible inscription, s. xv/xvi, upside-down, over 11 lines of erased text, f. 169v; 3-line inscription of similar date, effectively erased, f. 179v.

'Thomas Maydwell | Viue ut viuas', s. xvii in., f. 180v; also the same motto, with the name latinized ('de Virgineo fonte'), in the same hand on f. 3, below a title-page for the volume.

Notes, ff. 3 and 181v, s.xvii in., identify item 1 as Wyclif's version.

'Ryc: Baddeley', s. xvii, f. 2v, d. 1671, came from Lichfield to Durham with Bishop Morton (XXX-XXX), and remained, or returned under Bishop Cosin; a digest of item 2, f. 2, dated 2 August 1617, in similar ink, perhaps in Baddeley's hand.

'Geo. Davenport. 1666.', f. 2v.

Binding: edges of leaves stained blue-green, cf. leaf number, f. 171. Now standard, apart from dicing of brown russia, s. xix med.; 1 clasp.