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Durham University

Special Collections

DUL MS Cosin V.IV.9 J. de Hildesheim; etc. s. xv1

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

15/3/90 AJP revision of AJP

A. I. Doyle, "A Durham manuscript and its inscriptions", Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeological and Antiquarian Society, XXXXXXX, with a plate of Grethed's inscription and notarial mark (f. 114v), sets out the evidence of the manuscript's owners and associations.

The manuscript is described MMBL II, 513-4.

1 + 4 (medieval flyleaves) + 104 + 1 (f. 107, paper, s. xviii ?) + 4 + 4 (medieval flyleaves) + 1; foliated, i-iii, 1-116. Membrane (0.15 mm.; quires with fleshside outermost; some natural edges), 160 x 115 mm.; lower edges cropped.

Collation of ff. 3-106 and 108-111: 1-138, 144. Catchwords on quires 1-13.

Pricking in outer margins of quire 1. Written space 95 x 63- 68 mm.; framed in sharpish brown, with ruling generally invisible. 19 lines.

Written in a rounded secretary with 8-form g, expertly, by one hand.

Decoration: paraph, blue, to run-over, f. 108. Initials: (i) to each couplet, f. 106r-v, 1-line, alternately red and blue; (ii) to chapters of item 1 and cf. I to item 2, 2- line, blue, with infilling and flourishing in red, by a distinctive hand (= across tendrils, and circles at intersections of tendrils, SEE PLATE); (iii) to item 1, 7- line, blue and red, with infilling in red and flourishing in red and a little blue.

No running-titles.


1. ff. 3-108 Cvm venerandorum trium Magorum immo verius trium Regum gloriosissimorum vniuersus mundus ab ortu solis ... ... In cuius signum triginta tribus diebus viuam et tunc moriar. Quod et factum est. Explicit.

John of Hildesheim, Historia trium regum. Ed. C. Horstmann, The three kings of Cologne: an early English translation of the "Historia trium regum" by John of Hildesheim, edited from the MSS., together with the Latin text, (Early English Text Society original series 85; 1886), 211-312. This copy of the longer version is not mentioned by Horstmann; it is fairly similar to that in Cambridge Corpus Christi Coll. MS 275, which, with London B.L. MS Cotton Cleopatra D.vii, were the only British copies used by him. A number of passages are omitted, including 281/10 - 285/20, 287/15 - 289/ult., 303/25 'Hij Nestorini ...' - 304/2; 296 note 31 is shorter; 311 note 5 lines 4 'Nota quod ...' - 31 is replaced by the couplet 'Hee quicumque secum portat tria nomina regum. | Soluitur a morbo domini pietate caduco'. The text is divided by coloured capitals into one-hundred-and-one sections, subdividing those of the edition: into two, iv, vi, ix, xi, xiv, xxii, xxiv, xxix - xxxiii, xxxvi, xxxvii, xl; into three, v, xxxiv, xxxviii; into four, xxvii, xlii, xlvi; into five, xliii; into eleven, xlv; into twelve, xli.

ROYAL CAT SUB 8.F.xii art. 6 SAYS THAT COPY AGREES WITH ONES IN 5.F.xiv and Cleo D.vii (see above); MORE DIVERGENT COPIES IN Galba E.viii, Claudius A.xii fol 153, Add 28783 fol 16. Of these 8.F.xii does not have the variant p. 311 note 5; the others do, but not the couplet substituted for part of it in the Cosin copy.

A GOOD PAGE FOR CHECKING AGAINST OTHER COPIES: 106v - has replacement couplet as above, and is v. near end; 94r - the shorter version of p. 296 n 32

ANY RECENT WORK ON THIS TEXT ??????????????????????????????

2. ff. 108v-111v In primordio itaque cum beata virgo Hilda Whitbiense cenobium ... (f. 110) sed nichil nisi serpens cogitatur. O preclara virginis Hilde virtutum merita ... vicissitudine patitur dolore. A quo nos liberet Ihesus christus. qui nobis sit vbique propicius. Amen Explicit.

Miraculum S. Hildae, cum invocatio. Cf. C. Horstman, Nova legenda Anglie, (Oxford; 1901), ii,30-31 for a shorter version of the miracle, which is not found in Bede.

CHECK JOHN OF TYNEMOUTH'S SANCTILOGIUM; ?ANALECTA BOL. INDEXES. Two lines left blank at the beginning, for rubric (?).


(a) f. 107 (added paper leaf) Note that a charm was found in a linen purse on the body of William Jackson, 'a Roman catholic and proscribed smugler', attainted at Chichester 16 Jan. 1748/9 for the murder of 'Gallez and Chater', invoking the Three Kings 'Ces billets ont touche aux trois testes'; 'Consule Spanheimii Dubia Evangelica, t.2; p.289';

(b) (added below the explicit of item 1, s. xviii ?) Gaspar fert myrrham, thus Melchior, Balthasar aurum | Haec tria qui portarit nomina regum | Solvitur a morbo Christi pietate caduco.

Perhaps added by R. Harrison, see below.



Marginal correction, s. xv med., f. 35v.

Written in England.

Secundo folio de Israel (f. 4).

'Nomen scriptoris Iohannes plenus amoris forte sic', s. xv med., f. 114v, in a different style from the main text.

'Henricus Percy Alianora Percy Chaundos Miser', s. xv2, f. 115; Eleanor was the name of the wife of Henry Percy 3rd earl of Northumberland, also of his daughter, and of the 4th earl's daughter.

'Memorandum quod codex iste ... Armigeri' erased, and 'Peto vt liber iste restituatur predicto <domino Ricardo (?) erased>', s. xv2, f. 1.

'Here by the powre and auctorite off my Lorde of London and off his Iuge of the pencystary (?) I do chare Io hu', s. xv/xvi, f. 2.

'Iohanni ponde de Chelmersford', s. xvi in., f. 2; 'Noveritis me fratrem Wyllm ponde ordinis minorum london', s. xvi in., f. 2v, for William Ponde's ordination as subdeacon, March 1522, see REFFFF Reg. Warham f. 296.

'anno domini 1526', added to explicit of item 2, f. 111v; also '1526 .f.', f. 52.

'Rychard Myche' erased, s. xvi1, f. ii.

'Codex presens attinet Iohanni Grethed notario publico Carlij Registrario teste manu Io sign Gr notarius', s. xvi med., f. 114v, reproduced in A. I Doyle, art. cit. above.

'Rychart Harison vt my hand Bernardus aglionby (twice) Regsterer', s. xvi med., f. 1v, is not in the hand of the latter, who was registrar of Carlisle from at least 1561 until 1576, see J. Wilson, "Some signatures of Carlisle notaries", Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeological and Antiquarian Society, old series xiii, (DATE), 156-157, with a plate. 'Rychard Herryson of Edmonde Bridge parochie de Penrythe Carliolen dioc. Script Anno domini 1564', f. 81v, and, in the same hand, 'Thomas Tutins Carliolen <Episcopatus del.> Offic. Curie ... 1564 Vnum mandatum execut'.

'Quisquis in hunc librum sua lumina proferet vnquam: | Nomen subscriptum perlegat ille meum. Thomas Foster: repeated in Greek and Hebrew characters July 16. 1640.', f. 83 margin; and, in the same hand, 'Thomas Foster 1640', f. 48.

'Geo. Davenport. Donum Johannis Tempest Armigeri. 1668', with Davenport's note of contents, f. 2v; on Tempest, see above MS V.IV.2, also given by him to Davenport, along with MS V.IV.5 above. Not included among manuscripts in Cosin's library catalogued by Thomas Rud, c. 1720. 'Amissum reperit restituit R. Harrison 1778', f. 2v; on Harrison's connection with Cosin's Library, see XXXXX; he may have added item 3 above.

Binding: red staining round edges of ff. ii and 115v, as from former cover; holes, half-way down outer edge of f. ii and at centre of ff. 96-115, as from fixings of former strap-and-pin fastening. Unbound for a period, to judge by soiling of outermost pages of quires. Standard, s. xix med.; 1 clasp.