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DUL MS Cosin V.IV.6 Contemplations of the dread and love of God. s. xv med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

12/3/90 AJP revision of AID 12/3/87

[1] + 2 (s. xvii ?) + 57 + [1]; foliated i-ii, 1-57. Membrane (0.14 mm.; quires with hairside outermost), 197 x 140 mm., all three edges slightly cropped.

Collation: 1-68; 710 wants 10 (blank ?). Catchwords on quires 1-5. Quires signed, to judge by traces not cropped away (b.iij. and g.v., ff. 11 and 53), a-g.

Prickings in outer margin. Written space c. 135 x 83 mm.; ruled in ink. 24 lines.

Written in anglicana with secretary long s, somewhat variably, by one hand, with top-line ascenders elaborated with strap-work and banderoles. Decoration: text-capitals stroked with red. Paraphs, alternately blue and red, in text to f. 39 and for marginal apparatus on ff. 17-39; otherwise all red. Initials: (i) to chapters of item 1, blue, some rather spindly, with infilling and distinctive flourishing in red; (ii) to item 1 (f. 2), 4-line I, as (i). Unfilled 2-line space to item 2.


1. ff. 1-48v (Of the love of God Ri. Hampoli s. xvi/xvii) Ardeat in nobis diuini feruor Amoris. This shorte pistell that foloweth is dyuydid ... a table Why eche man shulde desyre to loue god. A. ... strayned to devocon (f. 2) In the begynnynge and endynge of alle goode werkys ... ... es few wordis in helpe of thy soule. Ardeat ... Amoris.

Contemplations of the dread and love of God, wrongly attributed to Richard Rolle in the editions by Wynkyn de Worde, 1506 and 1519 (?) (STC, nos 21259-60); repr., with collation of a few manuscripts, C. Horstmann, Y.W, ii,72- 103. Jolliffe H.15. The table of chapters, f. 1r-v, is written in red.

2. ff. 49-56v Contemplacio in Deo. [C]ontemplacion <in> [erased] god hym self is e hyghest degre ... [with Latin sub-headings for the canonical hours] ... & erwith worldly ingis with outen askynge. Explicit.

Meditations on the life of Christ and on his deity, i.e. a translation of a section of Edmund Rich's Mirror of the Church. Latin version ed. H. P. Forshaw, DETAILS, INC PAGES OF THIS SECTION. There were several English renderings; one, ed. Horstmann, Y.W., i,254-60, is not the version here.

Below the end of the text, f. 56v, 'ihesus est [amor meus (?)] amen' in red.

f. 57r-v ruled, but blank, save for insignificant later jottings and pen-trials.

Correction and Alteration:

Correction of text, and words and phrases supplied in margins, s. xv2, mostly apparently superfluous expansions, in yellowish ink, probably by the same hand that added a title, f. 1, 'The goolden roos' 'drawen owtt of e trew love', and at the end of item 1, f. 48v, 'a devonschere mane & on of e kyngis chapyll owyn worthy <... a word or two erased>'.

A marginal note 'is this well' repeatedly by a hand of s. xvi med., presumably of Protestant sympathies; 'e paynes of purgatory passe all the paynes of e world' in text, f. 24, erased, and the concluding passage, on prayers for souls in purgatory, f. 48v, crossed through.

Written in England.

Secundo folio In the or alle thinge

Mark, of merchant-type, comprising H with name erased on each side, s. xv/xvi (?), f. 56v.

'Thomas vmpton Miles vic', f. 49, 'Thomas Weston Miles vic', f. 50, in a common-law hand, s. xvi, which also appears with other names (Nicholas Robinson, Galfridus Pycroft, Thomas Johnson) and 'vic' (sheriff) in pen-trials, ff. 16, 57, etc.

For Protestant alterations, see above.

'thys ys Robert Whytneys boke', in an italic hand, s. xvi2, f. 49v. 'yf ye Loue Bethell pray for hyme ... ', s. xvi2, f. 57v.

'mr dale is the true onowr of this book ...', s.xvi/xvii, upside-down, f. 48v; other claims of ownership in the same hand, smeared, upside-down, on ff. 38v-39.

'Geo. Davenport 1664.', on piece of paper transferred from previous to present front pastedown (in repairs, s. xix ?); 'Perlegi Nov.15. 1665. G.D.', in pencil, f. 56v. Shelf-mark on spine in ink, as V.IV.5 above.

rust-mark half-way down outer edge of ff. 52-end, as from fastening of a clasp; f. 1 also similarly marked, but not ff. i-ii. Sprinkled brown calf, with a pair of blind fillets along all four sides and a double pair vertically c. 35 mm. in from spine, and, gilt on board edges, ...--... roll of Hugh Hutchinson, s.xvii ex.