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DUL MS Cosin V.IV.3 Sunday sermons: Advent, Lent, Easter (in English) s. xv med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

7/3/90 AJP revision of AID. ALL FROM 'framed' RETYPED 21/10/93

More of the same cycle of sermons occurs in three manuscripts by the same hand: Gloucester Cathedral MS 22, Lincoln Cathedral MSS 50-51, and Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodl.e mus.180, each of which duplicates some of the contents here.

1 + 2 (s. xvii) + 72 + 2 (s. xvii) + 1; foliated i-iii, 1- 75. Paper, quarto (watermark of hand and cuff with cinquefoil, not close to Heawood, no. 48, nor Briquet, no. 11154 etc., all late 15th-century), 203 x 150 mm., some outer edges deckle. Outer lower corners of ff. 68-72 gone. Repairer's note of 1977 tipped to back pastedown.

Collation: 1-28, 38 wants 6 after f. 21; 48-58; 68 + 1 leaf (f. 48( after 8; 78; 88, 98 almost all 1 (f. 65) torn away. Catchwords on quires 1-2 and 4-8, enclosed in banderoles in oxidised red (?).

No evidence of pricking. Written space 140 x 83 mm.; framed in softish brown. 140 x 83 mm. 26-28 lines, the first on top frame-line.

Written in a distinctive squat anglicana formata, with unlooped d, or, for the first lines of each sermon, bastard textura, or, for the heading of each sermon, textura, proficiently, by the same hand as other copies of the same and other sermons of the same set, see above.

Decoration: text-capitals, especially exaggerated S, filled with orange, also used for heading to each sermon, virgules, and underlining. Initials, to each sermon, 2-line, orange.


1. ff. 1-21v Dominica. Prima. Aduentus domini. Frendys 3e schal vnderstonde that the gospell of this day makethe mencion of the tyme şat owre sovereyn savyowre criste iesu wente withe hys disciplis here ... ... myddyll but in the myddil (ending imperfectly).

Sermons (4) for Sundays of Advent. One leaf missing after f. 21 presumably contained the continuation of the fourth sermon, which apparently comprised, in part at least, item 2 below. Each sermon starts with a section Moraliter.

2. ff. 22-23v (beginning imperfectly) he felythe not hys owne synne/ Seynt Ambrose seythe ... ... may have for hys synnys contriscion And so for to come to the joye and blys şat god bow3te hym to/ To the whiche/ &c.

Sermon for 12th Sunday after Trinity (identified by Mr A. J. Fletcher). This is not present elsewhere in the manuscript. Since ff. 18 and 22 are conjoint, this item must stand at this point, possibly as a continuation of item 1, or perhaps through a mistake in copying.

3. ff. 24-67 Dominica. prima. Quadragesime. Frendys the gospel of this day makethe mencion how the devil temptid owre savyour ... ... aduersytees & tribulacions/ And bryng 3ow to şe blis şat 3e were ordende to/ To şe. w. &c.

Sermons (6) for Sundays of Lent. Most of f. 65 torn away. 'Moraliter' occurs only as a side-note, like 'Exemplum' and 'Nota', and not within the text. Sermons 1-2 are on quires 4-5; sermon 3 on quire 6; and sermon 4 on quire 7.

4. ff. 68-72v Sermo in die Pasche. Good men and women we ow3te as şis day to take good hede to şe wordis of şe Apostil paule ş which he rehersişe in şe pistill of this day seyşe şus/ Expurgate ... ... purge vs & clens vs/ wherby all cristen pepyll may come to the joyes celestyall/ To şe. w. &c. Amen.

Sermons ofr Easter Sunday.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: man / And

'Iste liber pertinet ad me Valintinum Guerad prefatibus (?) georgius suttun (?) et macuton stestin (?) In ludo literario cum magistro tynoe (?)', s. xvi in./med., f. 13 upside-down. 'John Simson', s. xvii, f. 72v. Pen sketches of siren, s. xvi/xvii, f. 11. Contents-list, in hand of George Davenport, f. iiiv.

Binding: left unbound at some stage, to judge by soiling of ff. 1 and 72v. Side of sprinkled brown calf, s. xvii, with a double fillet along three sides and vertically c.25 mm. in from spine, Hugh Hutchinson's ??? along hinge-lines, and along edges in gold '...--...'. Rebacked 1977, replacing previous replacement, of s. xix med. (?). 1 clasp, as usual.