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DUL MS Cosin V.III.4 Bonifacius VIII, Liber sextus decretalium; etc. s. xiii/xiv

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

1/2/94 AJP after AID check of AJP revision of AJP

[1] + 1 (paper, s. xvii) + 60 + 2 (medieval flyleaves) + 3 (paper, s. xvii) + [1]; foliated, i, 1-62. Membrane (0.16 mm.; matt; some natural flaws, repaired e.g. ff. 5, 28 (stitches gone); hair and flesh sides indistinguishable), 248 x 179 mm.; all edges cropped; both corners cut away, ff. 1-8, and lower corner, ff. 9-15, also most of the margins of f. 1; one initial cut out from f. 1. Front leaves stained, soiled, distorted and brittle from damp.

Collation: 1-38, 4-612. Catchwords on quires 1-5, in ink rectangles decorated with red lines and corner-blobs.

No pricking remaining except on ff. 58-62, for alternate lines of the text. Written space 190 x 130 mm.; ruled in soft brown. Two columns, 37 lines.

Written in textura, expertly; item 2, in incipient anglicana of a documentary type; item 3, in anglicana.

Decoration: names of popes touched with red, ff. 19, 41. Paraphs, ff. 59-60 to rules, in alternating blue and red. Initials: (i) to tituli and capitula, 2-line, in alternating blue and red; (ii) to item 1, top missing, 3-line, in blue and red, with red and blue infilling.

Running-titles to item 1, added in ink, s. xiv.


1. ff. 1-60 Bonifacius ... Sacrosancte Romane ecclesie quam imperscrutabilis diuine prouidencie ... (f. 1v) pro decretalibus habituri. Gregorius .x. in generali lugdunensi. De summa trinitate et fide catholica. Fideli ac deuota professione fatemur ... ... (f. 59) abesse contigat. Bon. viijus. [De regulis iuris] Beneficium ecclesiasticum non potest ... contra legis nititur uoluntatem.

Boniface VIII, Liber sextus decretalium; ed. CIC ii,933- 1124; here, as often, V,xii,3 (CIC ii,1109-1121) is omitted. Two capitula are divided in two: I,xiv,4 (CIC ii,979) at 'Cum autem delegatus' (f. 16); II,xvi,1 (CIC ii,1053) at 'Sane ut hoc salutare' (f. 39). The rubrics to the tituli are original.

2. (added, s. xiv in.)

(a) f. 60r-v [B]onifacius etc. Debent superioribus ... ... non obstante. Nulli ergo ... nouiter incursurum. Dat. Anagnie ... Anno Octauo;

(b) f. 60v Mundialis machine fabricator ... ... vnum annum vsque ad decennium de iniunctis sibi penitenciis misericorditer relaxamus Dat. etc;

(c) ff. 60v-61 [P]rouide attendentes quod ut frequentius quamuis non sine causa ... ... patentes litteras apparente.

(a) Boniface VIII, Constitucio inter Dunelmensem episcopum ac priorem et ecclesie de visitacionibus, 23 July 1302; presumably derived from the lost original with full anathema, which was 3.2.Pap.8 in the Durham Cathedral Priory muniments, copied in Durham Dean & Chapter Muniments Cartulary I ff. 17v-18v, Cartulary III ff. 186-187, and Misc. Ch. 7140. Pr., without full anathema, Les registres de Boniface VIII, ed. G. Digard, M. Faucon, A. Thomas & R. Fawtier, (Bibliothèque des Ecoles Françaises d'Athènes et de Rome 2nd series 4; 1907-1934), iii,514-515, no. 4730; and, as Extravagantes decretales communes I,vii,1, CIC ii,1243-1244. English abstract in Records of Antony Bek, ed. C. M. Fraser (Surtees Soc. 162, 1953), pp. 86-7; see also C. M. Fraser, History of Antony Bek (Oxford, 1957), pp. 161-2.

(b) Clauses of papal indulgence, not traced, with notes inserted by the scribe, 'Lacuna' and 'dorsa vertens' (col. b/4 and 11); the latter indicates that the exemplar was written on both sides, and hence was not the original document.

(c) Boniface VIII, Constitucio de nullo loco ecclesiastico interdicto supponendo pro pecunario debito, [31 May 1302]; A. Potthast, Regesta Pontificum Romanorum, (Berlin; 1875), ii, no. 25155; pr., as Extravagantes decretales communes V,x,2, CIC ii,1310, and, without final clauses, Les registres de Boniface VIII, iii,654-655, no. 5019.)

3. (added, s. xv) ff. 61v-62 Primi titulus primus De summa trinitate et fide catholica 2 De constitucionibus ... ... 14 De regulis Iuris Expliciunt etc.

List of tituli of item 1.

4. (added, s. xv/xvi) f. 62v Appellationibus 22 Baptismo ... ... Vsuris Verborum significacione.

Alphabetic index to tituli of item 1; cf CIC ii,1331-1332.

Correction and Annotation:

Corrections by the copyist, interlinear, e.g. ff. 4v, 36v; marginally ff. 20, 28-30, 54. A few slightly later corrections, e.g. ff. 11, 54/a (over erasure).

Considerable small neat early annotations, ff. 1-33v, in a script of notarial type, cf. item 2; perhaps in the same hand as distinctive marginal signs (.cc.), ff. 10-17v, 20v-24, 28r-v, 43v, 57v, etc.

'Hoc scio pro Certo quod si | cum Stercore Certo | siue vinco siue vincor | tamen ipse maculor', s. xvi/xvii, f. 34 top.


Written in France (?) or England. Item 2 presumably copied, s. xiv in., from a document in Durham Cathedral Priory archives; item 4 added by Thomas Swalwell monk of Durham, c. 1483 - 1539.

Secundo folio puniendus.

Top of f. 1 lost, taking any ex libris there; 'Clementine', s. xv, f. 1 foot. 'Th<...>', s. xv, f. 62v.

'Geo. Davenport. | 1663.', on older pastedown visible through later overlaid pastedown; his note of contents, f. iiv.

sides of s. xvii leather, blind-tooled with Hugh Hutchinson's tools nos ?? and ??; spine, s. xix med.; 1 clasp.