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DUL MS Cosin V.iii.22 Visio Thurkilli; Albertanus Brixiensis; etc. s. xiv in.; s. xiv/xv

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

21/1/90 AJP revision of AJP

The two sections of the manuscript both contain running- titles in the same hand, s. xv med., also a through foliation (see below). The contents of (B) are also found together in B.L. MS Royal 12 D.vii.

[1] + 1 + 1 (paper, s. xvii, inserted) + 171 + [1]; foliated, 1, 1*, 2-172. Foliation, s. xv med., of ff. 2-11, 20-172, 12-14: 3-167, with 92 twice (ff. 99 and 100). Membrane (A: 0.13 mm., mediocre, with natural edges, quires with hairside outermost; B: 0.14 mm., quires with fleshside outermost), 175 x 126 mm., but f. 14 only 90-100 mm. wide; all edges cropped; ff. 35v-36 spattered with brown liquid.

Collation: (A: ff. 1-19) 112 wants 2 (blank ?) after f. 1 + later paper slip (f. 1*) after 1, 28; (B: ff. 20-172) 3-88, 98 + 1 leaf (f. 71) after 3, 10-218. Catchwords on quires 3- 20 in decorated cartouches (a human profile with a fancy hat, f. 59v), with a second added on quire 13 (f. 108v) matching added chapter-heading, f. 109. Traces of signatures, a-h, on quires 3-10, in ink, or, for added leaf (f. 71), soft brown. Offset at foot of f. 143v of note added in red on its conjoint return, f. 146.


No pricking visible. Written space 141 x 86-90 mm.; ruled in sharp brown, barely visible except on f. 14v. 27-28 long lines.

Written in textura, unevenly, by one hand.

Decoration: text-capitals lined with red, ff. 2v-4, 11-12 and 13. Initials: (i) occasionally, in text, 1-line, red or blue; (ii) to chapters, 2-line, blue, with, ff. 12v-17, infilling and flourishing in red, or red, with, f. 10v, infilling (a crude face) and flourishing in the same greenish blue as a rubric added in the lower margin.


No pricking visible. Written space 123 x 75-80 mm.; ruled in sharp grey shading to soft brown. 2 columns or, for chapter-lists to items 3 and 4, long lines; 28 lines.

Written in bastard anglicana or, explicit to item 2, a larger more formal variant, or, explicit to item 3, textura, expertly, by one hand.

Decoration: paraphs, in blue or red, ff. 20v-28v, 40, 41r-v, 78v. Initials, to chapters, 2-line, blue, with infilling and flourishing in red.

Running-titles: added in ink, s. xv2, by one of the correcting hands, see below.


f. 1rv blank, save for off-set as from a large initial O on f. 1v, not from ff. 2, 13 or any other page now in this book.


1. (quires 1-2) ff. 2-18 (Visio Turkilli) (de Stistede) In episcopatu londoniensi in uilla que dicitur Stystede. erat uir quidam rurali operi assuefactus Turkil nomine ... ... magis in uirtutibus proficiunt: quam in profundis theologie disputacionibus. Explicit uisio turkilli de stistede.

[Ralph of Coggeshall ?], Visio Thurkilli de Stisted. Ed., with prologue, H. L. D. Ward, "The visions of Thurkill, probably by Ralph of Coggeshalll, printed from a MS. in the British Museum", Journal of the British Archaeological Association 30, (1875), 420-459; P. G. Schmidt, Visio Thvrkilli relatore, vt videtvr, Radulpho de Coggeshall, (Teubner, Lepizig; 1978). This copy is among the four listed by Schmidt (p. viii), and is described 'versionem longissime a textu primario recedentem praebet' (p. ix); it readings are not recorded. It is divided into 39 sections, as against 24 in Schmidt; 29 have rubrics. A poor text, with gaps left in places (f. 9v) and filled in later.

The second quire (ff. 12-19) stood after what it is now the final item in the manuscript, s. xv med., see the added notes, 'Quere residuum huius materie in ultimo quaterno huius libri incipiens folio (165)', f. 11v, 'Consequitur hec materia finem primi quaterni huius libri', f. 12, both subsequently crossed out; also the medieval foliation, in which ff. 11 is '12' and 20 is '13', while f. 14 is '167' and f. 172 would have been 164.

ff. 18v-19v blank, save for erased inscriptions (see below), f. 18v, and note on Albertano of Brescia, added by George Davenport, s. xvii med., f. 19v.


2. ff. 20-34v (De modo dicendi et tacendi) Incipit tractatus dicendi et tacendi. I<...>(Nicio et medio ac) fine mei tractatus assit gratia sancti spiritus. Quoniam in dicendo multi <...>(errant) nec est aliquis q<...>(ui linguam) suam valeat ... (f. 20v) Rubrica super hac diccione quis. Requiras ergo in animo tuo a temetipso quis es. quid dicere vis. ... ... donauit predicta tibi narrare. Ut ad eterna gaudia. nos faciat peruenire. Eplicit [sic] liber de doctrina dicendi et tacendi ad albertano causidico brissiensi de hora sancte Agathe compositus et compilatus (sub anno doi Mo ccoxlo. quinto die mensis Decembris.)

Albertano of Brescia, Ars loquendi et tacendi. Ed. T. Sundby, Brunetto Latinos: levnet og skrifter ..., (Copenhagen; 1869), pp. xciii - cxix; this copy is not mentioned and its variants are more substantial than those in the copies collated, amounting in places to paraphrase, cf. above incipit on f. 20v. It has the same six divisions.

3. ff. 34v-83 ¶Incipiunt Rubrice (libri) consolacionis et consilij (predicti Albertani. Primo premittit prologus foo 28 [now 35v]) 1. Rubrica de consolacione - .29 ... (f. 35v) 56 De clemencia et pietate et misericordia - 74. In Christi nomine. Incipit consolacionis et consilij (liber. ¶Prologus) Quoniam multi sunt qui in aduersitatibus et in tribulacionibus taliter affliguntur et deprimuntur ... ... vtraque pars cum gaudio et leticia recesserunt (f. 83) Explicit liber consolacionis et consilij quem albertanus causidicus brissiensis de hora sancte Agathe compilauit atque composuit. sub (anno) .Mmo.CCmo.xlmo.vj. in mense aprilis et maij.

Albertano of Brescia, Liber consolationis et consilii. Ed. T. Sundby, Albertani Brixiensis, Liber consolationis et consilii, ex quo hausta est fabula gallica De Melibeo et prudentia, quam, anglice redditam et The tale of Melibe inscriptam, Galfridus Chaucer inter Canterbury tales recepit, (Chaucer Society 2nd series 8, London; 1873); this copy is not among the twelve listed (pp. xxiii-xxiv). The list of rubrics here (ff. 34v-35v) differs from that in the edition pp. 135-136, omitting 1, subdividing 11 into six and 50 into two, so producing fifty-six as against fifty-one chapters; the arrangement of the text corresponds, with the prologue and cap. 1 undivided, cap. 11 divided at b), c), d), 1) and 2), and cap. 50 divided at p. 123 line 7. London B. L. MSS Additional 18922, and Royal 12.D.vii. do not have lists of rubrics; rubrics 2-56 correspond to rubrics iv-end in Cambridge Sidney Sussex College MS 48 [c.1400] (Lancaster Dominicans), and xj-lxv in Cambridge Corpus Christi College MS 306 [c.1300] (London Dominicans) which lists the rubrics of the three works by Albertanus found here in a single sequence in different words.

The chapter-numbers in the text are added in red, so also in ink the chapter-headings to Caps. 2 and 35-end, apparently in blank spaces rather than over erasures, in anglicana with secretary final s and sometimes a, cf. those in item 4 below.

The text has a number of omissions by homoteleuton, of which the most substantial (p. 95/25 - 97/7: f. 70v) is supplied on an added leaf (f. 71v), in a mixed script (predominantly secretary) of documentary type; the others in the margin: ff. 46 (p. 28/19-21), 49 (p. 36/14-16), 56 (p. 56/8-12), 58 (p. 62/8), 63 (p. 75/2-4), and 73 (p. 101/10-12), in several contemporary hands, including (f. 56) that of the added leaf, f. 71v.

f. 71r (added leaf) blank.

4. ff. 83-172 ¶Sequitur tabula iiijor librorum predicti Albertani sequencium De amore et dileccione dei et proximi et aliarum rerum ac de forma uite 1 Capitulum primum de doctrina - folio 77 ... (f. 84v) Incipit liber de amore et dileccione dei et proximi et aliarum rerum et de forma vite. De doctrina. Inicium mei tractatus sit in nomine domini a quo bona (cuncta) procedunt ... ... confortetur cor tuum et sustine dominum. et ad regnum celorum satage peruenire ad quod ille nos conducat qui viuit et regnat in secula seculorum Amen. Explicit liber de Amore et dilectione dei ... quem albertanus causidicus brissiensis de hora sancte Agathe compilauit ac scripsit cum esset in carcere domini imperatoris frederici in ciuitate cremone. in quo positus fuit. cum esset capitaneus gauardi defendendo locum ipsum. ad vtilitatem communis brissie. Anno domini Mmo CCmo. xxxmo. viijo die mensis augusti. in die sancti alexandri quo obsidebatur ciuitas brissie per eundem imperatorem. Indiccione .xjma. Deo gratias

Albertano of Brescia, De amore et dilectione dei et proximi et aliarum rerum ac de forma honestae vitae. Ed., from a single copy, S. L. Hiltz, Albertana De Amore et Dilectione Dei et Proximi, (Ann Arbor, 1981), listing 70 copies. Here the sixty-seven divisions of the text match the final state of the chapter-list (ff. 83-84): Bk I caps 1-7; II,1-22, with a heading 'De incomodis praui' left unnumbered between 2 and 3, the heading for 7 repeated between 5 and 6 and deleted, and 14 'De senectute' omitted and added later; III,1-14; IV,1-24, with 5-10 in the order 6 (altered twice), 8, 10, 5, 7, 9 but numbered correctly, and 20 followed by an unnumbered heading 'De Pace' between 17 and 18. Di Albertano giudice da Brescia trattati tre, [trans. S. del Grazia], (Brescia; 1824) has sixty-five divisions, not arranged in books, which differ from those in this copy by dividing II,2 in two, and III,6 in three; and combining II,13 and 14, III,8 and 9, IV,1 and 2, IV,7 and 8, IV,18 and 19.

Between ff. 146-160 four sections of text, each 13-15 cols long, are disarranged (B, A, D, C), with notes and signs to guide the reader added, s. xv med.: f. 146r/a ends in the middle of III,8; (B) III,13 and part of III,14, occupies ff. 146r/b-149v, (A) middle of III,8 - III,12, ff. 149v-153; (D) middle of IV,2 - middle of IV,6, ff. 153-156v; (C) most of III,14 - middle of IV,2, ff. 156v-160. This disarrangement probably arose from the intrusion in the exemplar of a bifolium or bifolia carrying the blocks of text A and D inside the central bifolium or bifolia of a quire, so separating the blocks of text B and C, or possibly from the disordering of two pairs of very small quires.

Chapter-numbers and headings added, as in item 3 above.

As in item 3 there are a number of omissions by homoteleuton corrected in the margin, e.g. ff. 93v, 95, 100v, 107v, in secretary by one (?) hand, s. xv1.


5. f. 172r-v Episcopi attend<...>(ite) verba dei discernite (/) vobis precipit dominus pro vestris mori ouibus. (/) ... ... pro nullo unquam crimine. pastores non despicite.

Peter Damiani, De omnibus ordinibus omnium hominum, left unfinished. ICVM, no. 5462; PL 145,974-976/22. Written as prose, with / added before the start of each line The final 4 lines of f. 172v/b are blank after erasure, irrecoverable apart from '1553' (?) towards the end.

Correction and Annotation:

Many pages marked 'cor' in the lower outer corner, ff. 21- 81v, or, in the inner edge, ff. 112v, 120v, 121v, 148v and 152v, perhaps by one of the hands responsible for supplying omissions in items 3 and 4, see above.

Chapter-headings added in items 3 and 4, see above.

Running-titles and foliation added throughout, s. xv2, by the hand responsible for adding book-divisions and chapter-numbers to the chapter-lists of items 3-4, and for notes about displacement of text on ff. 11v-12, 146, 149v and 153; possibly also the same as the hand of the neat humanistic heading to item 4 chapter-list.

Annotations, by at least two English secretary hands, s. xv, include 'Stulte cur insanis cum te dolor vrget inanis', Walther, Sprichwörter, no. 30390.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: nes cum iunioribus (f. 3), eciam tullius (f. 20).

'Iste liber constat thome harison ... Qui librum furat per collum pendere debet', f. 18v, erased, s. xv.

'Geo. Davenport. | 1664.', on slip stuck to front pastedown; his note of contents, f. 1*.

Binding: quire 2 out of position, s. xv med., see item 1 above; offset of note added to f. 146 on f. 143v. Standard, s. xix med.; 1 clasp.