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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.III.21 Manuale Sarum, cum notis s. xiv/xv

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

22/1/90 AJP revision of AID 21/7/87; AJP after AID CHECK 8/94

In comparison with the edition (based on the 1543 printing) by A. J. Collins (H.B.S., 91, 1960 for 1958), there are a number of omissions (apart from losses) and variations, of which a list has been compiled. What is present is found on ed. pp. 1-3, 28-38, 44-59, 97-124, 132-44, 152-159/1.

The items with music are 1, 3, and 8-11, i.e. the asterisked sections at ed. pp. 1-3, 33-35, 123-124, 132-143, 153, 153, 155-158, and also, ff. 31r,v, 36v, 60v, 64v, 65 and 66, sections without asterisks pp. 119 Suspiciat ... te and Psalm tone, 120 Chorus Amen, Chorus ... requiem, 141 Oremus, and 155, 157 and 157 Psalm tones.

2 (paper, s. xvii) + 67 + 3 (paper, s. xvii); foliated i-ii, 1-69, with 11* for smaller inserted leaf. Membrane (0.15 mm.; quires with fleshside outermost), 180 x 130 mm. Soiled and rubbed, tears in ff. 61 and 66; outer edges cropped.

Collation: 16 wants 3 (or more probably given amount of text lost 18 wants 3-5) after f. 2, 28 + one (f. 11*) between 6 and 7, 38 wants almost all 7 after f. 19, 48, 58 wants 1 before f. 29 and 8 after f. 34, 68-98. Quires 3-4 lettered in pencil by George Davenport, s. xvii med., on the first recto in the centre of the lower margin, C-D, with traces of similar marking on quires 7-9. In the same position on f. 22 (32) there is a medieval d in red, and on f. 30 (42) e in black.

Pricking in outer margin of f. 38. Written space 147 x 97 mm.; ruled in ink. 29 long lines. Staves 4-line, in deep pink.

Written in textura, expertly. Notation square.

Decoration: cadels, some with human profiles, to some musical items. Cadels and text-capitals stroked with red. Initials: (i) to verses and saints in litanies, 1-line, alternately red and blue; (ii) 2-line, in blue, with infilling and flourishing in red; (iii) 4-line, (a) to item 5, in gold, on a bipartite ground of blue and deep pink patterned with white, and extended with crudely executed leaf-stems in deep-pink, green, orange and blue; (b) to item 6, in blue, infilled with gold decorated with rosette in deep pink patterned with white, on ground of deep pink framed with gold, and extended as (a) but the full height of the outer margin; (iv) 6-line, (a) to item 9, in deep pink patterned with white, infilled with gold decorated with seven-petalled flower in alternating blue and deep pink patterned with white, on ground of blue framed with gold, extended as (iii), (b) to item 1, in deep pink (flaked away), infilled with gold decorated with interlaced leaf-stems in blue and deep pink, on a ground as (a), extended as full vinet text-frame of double or triple bands in deep-pink and blue, or, for inner half of lower edge, in gold decorated with interlaced leaf-stems in deep pink and blue, with the outer frame corners elaborated with conventional daisy-buds etc.


1. ff. 1-2v Omnibus dominicis diebus per annum ... Exorcizo te creatura salis ... ... mundabor (ending imperfectly)

Benedictio salis et aque, breaking off in the chant Asperges (ed. p. 3). Probably three leaves lost after f. 2.

2. ff. 3-4v (beginning imperfectly) da igitur honorem aduenienti spiritui sancto ... ...

Ordo ad faciendum cathecuminum. Ed. pp. 28-31.

3. ff. 4v-9v Quando fons fuerit mundandus ... ...

Benedictio fontis, without English exhortations. Ed. pp.31- 32.

4. ff. 9v-11v Tunc portetur infans ... ...

Ritus baptizandi.

5. ff. 11v-18v Ordo ad facienda sponsalia. Statuantur vir ... ...

The rubric preceding the English vows on f. 12 has been largely obliterated; a Latin bidding of the bans and alternative English vows, as ed. pp.45, 46, were provided later, s. xv med., on an inserted leaf, f. 11*v. The original English formula for the ring is on ff. 12v-13. The original English vows include the spellings 'ych' and 'onlyche'. The forms 'Manda deus ...' and 'Creator et conservator ...' were marked early b and a in the margin, to put them in reverse order, f. 12v.

Five lines left blank before the next item.

6. ff. 18v-23 Ordo ad uisitandum infirmum. In primis induat se sacerdos ... ...

The leaf lost between ff. 19 and 20 contained Pss. 37:17- end, 50 and 101:1-9.

7. ff. 23-30v Priusquam inungatur infirmus ... ...

De extrema unctione. The leaf lost between ff. 28 and 29 contained the end of the blessings and the beginning of the litany (ed. pp. 112-5).

8. ff. 30v-39 Sequatur commendacio animarum ... ...

The leaf lost between ff. 34 and 35 contained Ps. 118:78- 116.

9. ff. 39-60v Quo pacto incipiantur uigilie mortuorum ... ...

10. ff. 60v-62 Commendacio animarum dicitur a choro ... ...

11. ff. 62-66v Post missam accedant duo ... ...

Inhumatio defuncti.


An omission by homoteleuton supplied in a contemporary textura, with a rubric in anglicana, both cropped, f. 8v foot; omissions supplied in a mixed hand, s. xv med., f. 51 margins.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: seculum.

'pape' blotted out, f. 16v. List of contents in the hand of G. Davenport, f. iiv; lettering of quires also by him.

s. xvii ex., brown calf, spine divided horizontally by 11 pairs of blind fillets, boards decorated in blind with crested roll of Hugh Hutchinson of Durham and his tool no. xxxx. Gold-tooled press-mark on spine, 1 clasp, s.xix med.