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Durham University

Special Collections

DUL MS Cosin V.III.15 Jacobus de Cessolis s. xiv med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

8/12/89 AJP revision of AJP; checked AID and revised AJP 8/94

[2] + 2 (paper, the first the previous cover with Dutch marbled overlay, s. xvii) + 18 + 2 (paper, the last the previous cover as at front, s. xvii) + [2]; pencil foliation 7-9 on ff. 13-15, suggesting that the second quire was at one time misbound in the centre of the first quire. Membrane (0.122 mm.; some natural edges and flaws (stitched up, f. 12); quires with fleshside outermost, also 22/5), 212-220 x 160- 165 mm.; most lower corners and some edges nibbled by vermin.

Collation: 112, 26. Catchword on quire 1. Rectos in the first half of quires numbered in soft brown; i-vi in quire 1, vertically, half way down outer margin.

Pricking in outer margin. Written space 180-190 x 111-116; ruled in soft brown. 47 long lines.

Written in anglicana, somewhat leftwards leaning, by one hand.

Decoration: paraphs in text and to side-notes, red or blue. Initials, to chapters (except I,2 and 3), 3-line, alternately red with infilling and flourishing in mauve, and blue with infilling and flourishing in red.

No running-titles.


ff. 1-18 Mvltorum fratrum ordinis et diuersorum scolarium precibus ... Primus autem tractatus de causis huius ludi et quo tempore fuerit inuentus ... 2m Sub quo rege ... 3m quis ludum inuenit. 4m de causa triplici huius ludi inter omnia mala signa ... ... Post hos lusores scortarum turpitudines sequentes omnino peiores dicimus quod cum ludi taxillorum.

Jacobus de Cessolis, De moribus hominum et officiis nobilium super ludum scaccorum i-iii..., left unfinished. ILWVV no. 3134; ed. E. K"opke, Iacobus de Cessolis, (Mitteilungen aus den Handschriften der Ritter-Akademie zu Brandenburg 2; 1879), pp. 1 - 29/38. This copy is closest to MS A in its opening, and the additional passages, pp. 9 n. 40, 10 n. 21, 15 n. 22 which begins here 'vicarius dauid Ioab filius Saruie cum rabach ciuitatem filiorum amon' (f. 9v), 23 n. 31, and 25 n. 47; II,4 ends here (f. 8) with a reference to 'mathanas et filii eius ut ... secundi libri machabeorum narrat historia' not in ed. (p. 12). The details of the chapters in the three tracts occur not at the start of the work but at the beginning of each tract (ff. 1, 2, 10v).

f. 18v ruled but blank.

Correction and annotation:

Original side-notes.

Provenance: Written in England.

Secundo folio acutiores.

The contents-list, s. xiv med., of MS V.II.5 (f. iv) ends with 'Quidam tractatus de Scaccario', crossed out later in pencil, and not included in the s. xvii list completed by George Davenport (f. iiv), but there is no evidence that V.III.15 was ever bound with V.II.5, which is significantly larger in its dimensions. Given to Cosin's Library presumably by George Davenport, although not in his catalogue: his notes of content, ff. i, iiv, 1, the first two with attribution to 'Robertus Holcoth', on whom Davenport added notes from Thos. James, Pits and Bale, f. 18.

Cosin's Library inscription, f. 1, by Rud.

rust-marks on f. 18 as from fastenings of former binding. Now plain brown morocco, s. xx in., by Bramhall & Menzies.