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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.III.14 Ralph Ardens, Sermones de tempore s. xv med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

7/12/89 AJP revision of AJP; checked AID and revised AJP 8/94

Two flyleaves from this manuscript are now MS V.III.10 ff. 1-2; they were perhaps at the end of the book, where there are now two fewer flyleaves than at the front, see item 6 below.

Additions on the flyleaves are s. xvi ex., in the same one or two hands (secretary and italic) as considerable annotation of the text, indicating significant continued use of the manuscript.

[1] + 4 + 250 + 2 + [1]; foliated 1-256, repeating 54 and omitting 189; ff. 5-12 have an original (?) foliation, 1-8. Membrane (0.17 mm.; stiff; some natural edges and flaws; quires with fleshside outermost), c. 210 x c. 150 mm.

Collation: 1-812, 9-1010; 11-2012, 2114. Catchwords, in decorated rectangles, on quires 1-9 and 11-20. Quires 1-10 signed a-k; 11-21, a-l; in both series the numerals are arabic and precede the letter.

No evidence of pricking or line ruling. Written space 142-153 x 103 mm.; framed in faint gray. 35-39 long lines.

Written in a mixture of anglicana with secretary, laboriously, by one hand, with the sermon-texts in a larger fere-textura.

Decoration, crude: lemmata underlined in red. Text-capitals lined with red. Paraphs, in the text and to side-notes, red or, to invocation above item 2, blue. Initials: (i) to sermons and item 4, 2-line, blue, with infilling and commonly flourishing, in red; (ii) to items 1 and 2, 3-line, as (i).

Running-titles, original: sermon-numbers in ink, 1-123, on the rectos, preceded by a red paraph.


For additions on front flyleaves, see item 5 below.

1. ff. 5-119v Hora est iam ... Hiis verbis fratres karissimi hortatur nos apostolus ut ad secundum filij aduentum preparemur ... ... eterne retribucionis comparticipes esse mereamini. Quod concedat vobis vnus et verus deus pater et filius et spiritus sanctus Amen.

Ralph Ardens, Sermones super epistolas de tempore. PL 155,1667-2115; RLSM v,1-10 nos 1-121; both with the Gospel sermons alternated, cf. item 3 below. Original numbering of sermons at head of leaves, 1-61, with indexing letters in margins, cf. item 4 below.

Items 2-4 are on quires 11-21.

2. f. 120 Iesus. 62. <Maria. Prologus.> Cvm in ecclesia mea quietius residerem loquendi ad populum per dies dominicos et festos ... ... quicumque hoc mee deuocionis opusculum prospexerint. non temere iudicare sed pocius pro peccato(re) Radulfo intercedere meminerint

Ralph Ardens, Prologus in sermonibus. Not printed in PL 155 or mentioned in RLSM v,1-16; pr. pp. 38-39 in G. Wolf, "La pr'eface perdue des sermons de Raoul Ardent, chapelain de Richard I", Archives d'histoire doctrinale et littéraire du moyen âge 46 (1979), 35-39, from Oxford Lincoln College MS 116, collated with the other copy, Oxford Bodleian Library MS e Museo 5 (SC 3501).

3. ff. 120-254v Inicium euangelij Iesu christi ... Mr.po.a Sicut audistis fratres karissimi Marcus euangelista euangelium suum incipit a precursore Iohanne ... ... ut tandem eam nobis facie ad faciem contemplari tu ipse concedas. qui in trinitate perfecta viuis et regnas deus per omnia secular seculorum Amen et sic finis

Ralph Ardens, Sermones super evangelia de tempore.

PL 155,1671-2118; RLSM v,1-10 nos 2-122; both with the Epistle sermons alternated, cf. item 1 above. Sermon no. 112 (Pentecost 18) is divided in two (f. 243), the second half beginning 'Super cathedram moysi ...' (PL 155,2079) and here numbered 118. Original numbering of sermons at head of leaves, 62-123, with indexing letters in margins, cf. item 4 below.

4. f. 254v Tabula huius libri AAron vnccione significatur plenitudo gracie christi 34.A. Abicere ... Accusant christum pharisei. 97.A. (Sermo de historiis eccle vltimo fol: 99: add. s. xvi ?)

Tabula super sermones Ralph Ardens, largely lost. The references are correct for the arrangement and consecutive numbering of the sermons in items 1 and 3 above, which have indexing letters in the margins.

Items 5-6 are subsequent additions.

5. The front flyleaves contain additions, s. xvi ex., apart from (b), which is perhaps earlier, probably in one hand but in two scripts (secretary and italic), including forms (a, e), scriptural and other quotations, etc. (b, d, f, i, k-m, o), a homily (c), and lists referring to items 1 and 3 above (g, j); the same hand annotated items 1 and 3, particularly the early leaves of item 1.

(a) f. 1r-v Copies of 5 certificates of the publication of banns of marriage, 1578-88/9;

(b) f. 1v Jacobi 4[:7b-8a] Resistite ... appropinquabit vobis;

(c) ff. 1v-2 There be some men which wyll say: I pray you tell vs howe shall we knowe when we be temptyd ... ...;

(d) f. 2 '<Paulus> Apostolorum Petrus Prophetarum Elyas cap 114'

(e) f. 2 Copy of mandate;

(f) f. 2 '<Post tenebras spero lucem>', twice;

(g) f. 2v A note of all the epistels for the whole yere ... and in what leaffe ... ...;

(h) f. 3 'O vanitas veniens vanitate, ... creaturarum';

(i) f. 3 S Augustinus Ante benedictionem verborum caelestium alia pes nominatur | post consecrationem corpus christi significatur 250;

(j) ff. 3v-4 A note of the gospels ... ...;

(k) f. 4 delectare: Accipe et esto relator verbi dei. 202. Item Isidorus ait Tanta et tam clara erit eius vox vt quamuis longe propositorum aures adimpleat;

(l) f. 4 Corpus opes animam famam vini lumina scortum | Debilitat perdat necat aufert eripit orbat;

(m) f. 4 Quatuor ex vento veniunt in ventre retento | Spasmus Hydrops collera vertigo quatuor ista;

(n) f. 4v note of prohibited seasons for celebrating marriages (Latin);

(o) f. 4v Segnius irritant animos demissa per aures quam quae sunt oculis subiecta fidelibus: plus valet vnus oculatus testis quam anauriti decem.

(a) (i) to the curate of Tarrant Hinton, Dorset; between John S otherwise D and Agnes C of Milborne, in Tarrant Hinton church, by E S clerk curate of Tarrant Hinton; 10 December 1578 (English); (ii) to the rector or curate of Tarrant Hinton; between Walter Sturmie and Elizabeth Walters, 21 September 1583 (Latin); (iii) to 'Fungenti officio pastorale' in Tarrant Hinton by W S vicar of Tarrant Monkton SDP; between Jo P and G S, 6 Oct 1584 (Latin); (iv) by J B; between H L of Ringwood parish and E N of St Rumbols parish, in Ringwood church, 30 August (English); (v) to the rector of Bell and his vicegerent by E S clerk of Upton (?); between W B and B B, 10 February 1588 (Latin).

Probably copied by E S curate of Tarrant Hinton, possibly the Edward Stanley whose baptism in 1544 is noted item 6(e) below. Two Dorset dedications to St Rumbald are given in F. Arnold-Forster, Studies in church dedications or England's patron saints, i-iii, (London; 1899): Cann and Pentridge, i,173; the ancient dedication of Tarrant Hinton is not established, iii,276;

(e) to make proclamation during divine service requiring any objectors to the purgation by Richard Tyncker alias Bewnell of suspicion of incontinence to appear at Bridport at the next [consistory] court on 24 April, cf. item 6(d) below;

(f) again item 6(f) below;

(g, j) refer to items 1 and 3 above by number;

(l) cf. PSLAM 3539;

6. The back flyleaves, together with MS V.III.10 ff. 1 and 2, contain additions, s. xvi ex., in various scripts, some, and possibly all, in the same hand as item 5.

(a) f. 255 Repeticio e | Repeticio: cum eadem vox in plurium clausularum inicio iteratur: ut Scipio Numantium ... Convertio ... Complexio ... Membrum ... Comparatio ... Correctio ... Contencio e | Contencio; cum per contraria amplificamus: vt Caesarem servaui et non extinxi;

(b) f. 256 a few Latin notes;

(c) f. 256 I Had mi peny and mi frind as mani man hathe in lande | ... ... never will more doo soo:

(d) f. 256 'sylence servith best where nothinge can be saide the wantt of purgacion in lawe is callid a plaine conviction';

(e) f. 256v erased note, obliterated by '<Edwardus> stanley Bapt sexto die Junij 1544o <Willelmus> stanley sepultus ao domini 1568';

(f) f. 256v '<Post tenebras spero lucem>';

(g) f. 256v 'Accepi hunc librum a viro grauissimo Mro lee (?) ... ';

(h) MS V.III.10 f. 1 list of 7 days covered in item 1;

(i) MS V.III.10 f. 1 two notes, one very faint, both partly torn away with most of the leaf;

(j) MS V.III.10 f. 1v three lines of Latin, the beginning of each torn away;

(k) MS V.III.10 f. 1v two notes, both partly torn away;

(l) MS V.III.10 f. 2 'Militia est vita hominis super terram 54 ... Master Latt[imer ?] experiens 102';

(m) MS V.III.10 f. 2v 'Quicquid agas prudenter agas respice finem';

(n) MS V.III.10 f. 2v 'the lord hath destroyed ...'.

(a) note on figures of speech;

(c) eight rhyming verses, on lending and friendship, see IMEV and Suppl. 1297; probably closest in wording, but garbled, to B.L. MS Cotton Titus A.XXVI f. 173v, cf. R. H. Robbins, Secular Lyrics of the XIVth and XVth Centuries (Oxford 1952), pp. 81 and 254-5.

(d) cf. Item 5(e) above;

(f) as item 5(f) above;

(g) the name is uncertain as it runs into the gutter and has been pasted to the following fly-leaf;

(h) references are given to 'foll.', but are in fact to sermon-numbers;

(l) 5 references, citing contents of an unidentified volume;

f. 255v blank.

Correction and annotation:

Many scriptural citations and other notes, including references to Bonaventura, added in margins, s. xvi ex.


Written in England, before 1469, see below.

Secundo folio penitenciam (?) agam.

'<Memorandum quod dominus Iohannes ... in Comitatu ... Anno domini Millesimo CCCCmo Sexagesimo nono ... librum istum ecclesie parochiali de ... ad vsum vicarii et successorum suorum Si quis hunc librum alienauerit ... nomen eius de libro viuencium>', f. 119v, added in space left at the end of item 1, so heavily erased as to be indecipherable in parts, but the county of the donor appears to be 'Berk'[shire] and the place-name preceding it perhaps 'Blew...'[bery]; the date 1469 is clear under ultra-violet light. Cf. '<liber ecclesie parochialis ... iohannis ... in com...>', MS. V.III.10 f. 2 (displaced from this book), erased.

Used probably by E S curate of Tarrant Hinton (Dors.), possibly the Edward Stanley whose baptism in 1544 is noted f. 256v, see items 5(a) and 6(e). 'Ex dono Ric: Baddeley: 25o August 1670 altered to 1673', f. 4v; Baddeley came from the Lichfield diocese with Bishop Morton in 1632, gave other books to Cosin's library and died late in 1671, see Cosin's last letter, 2 January 1672, ed. J. C. Hodgson, Surtees Soc. 131 (1918) p. 272, also The Baptismal, Marriage and Burial Registers of the Cathedral ... at Durham 1609-1896, ed. E. A. White & G. S. Armytage, Harleian Soc. Registers 23 (1897) p. 89.

Cosin's Library inscription, f. 5, by Rud.