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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.II.7 William Peraldus, Summa de vitiis s. xiv med.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.


Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

25/10/90 AJP after AID


[1 paper] + 1 [s. xvii paper] + [2 stubs of coarse medieval parchment flyleaves] + 152 + [1]; foliated i, 1-152. Membrane (0.15 mm.; some natural flaws; quires with flesh side outermost); 270 x 190 mm. Top, outer and bottom edges cropped (see loss of tops of ascenders, of parts of signatures, of catchword- frames; also turned-in squares, ff. 20-23, 118).

Collation: 1-312, 412 wants 7 after f. 42, 5-1212, 1312 wants 10-12 (blank ?) after f. 152. Catchwords on quires 1- 12, in fancy frames on quires 1-4 and 6-7. Quires 4-7 signed a-d, in soft brown; quires 8-10, a-c, in ink. Leaves in the first half of quires 1 and (in blue) 13 numbered in roman, 2 in arabic, and 3 lettered.

No sign of pricking remaining. Written space c. 216 or (quires 9-11) c. 210 x 138 mm.; ruling in soft brown. Two columns, 49-51 lines, with several ruled lines left blank below written space, in some cases extending down to the edge of the leaf (e.g. f. 7v).

Written in anglicana formata of university type, in two sizes, by at least four hands: (i) ff. 1-83v (quires 1-7), 122/b37-131v and 144- 152v (quire 13), (ii) ff. 84-119v (quires 8-10), (iii) ff. 120-122/b36, (iv) ff. 132-143v (quire 12); descenders of bottom line and ascenders of top line extended and elaborated by (i).

Decoration: chapter-headings, etc., written larger and underlined in red. Paraphs, in red or blue, alternating. Initials: (i) to chapters, etc., (ff. 1-8v), 2-line, blue, with red infilling and flourishing; (ii) to tracts, 3- or 4- line, as (i); (iii) to opening, 4-line, in blue decorated with red, with red infilling, flourishing and foliate extensions and with a double line down left edge of text- block, the inner plain blue and the outer composed of alternately red and blue sections 20-35 mm. high each with a projecting stemmed blob between two half-diamonds.

No running-titles.


1. ff. 1-152v Incipit summa de viciis in primo incipit tractatus qui continet (nouem over erasure) partes. [Particulares titulorum] Tractatus iste continet (ix over erasure) partes. prima ... Nona de peccato lingue Prima pars continet tres rationes ad probandum quod deus summe odiat peccatum ... (f. 4v) quod nimia taciturnitas est reprehensibilis in prelatis ¶Hic incipit primo de vicio gule (f. 5) Dicturi de singulis uicijs incipiemus a vicio gule propter hoc quod dicit glossa super Mt iiijo ... ... locutum esse me aliquando penituit tacuisse vero nunquam. Explicit summa de septem viciis secundum parysiensem

William Peraldus, Summa de vitiis. Bloomfield, no. 1628; pr. Guillelmus Peraldus OP, Summae virtutum ac vitiorum ii, (Paris; 1669), with subdivisions rather different from those in this copy. Between ff. 42v and 43r the pr. text pp. 110 col b 'constituerent sed longe' - 113 col b 'nobis Dominus Joan 2' is lacking, approximately the amount occupying one folio.

2. (added in space) f. 152v (a, s. xiv ex.) Nota diuersas etates hominis | Infancia durat vsque ad vij annum Puericia ... Senectus: vsque ad lxxm uel lxxxm annum exinde Senium: quod dicitur labor et dolor (aliarum etatum sic);

(b, s. xv med.) Vicium sodomiticum est peccatum contra naturam et est ignominiosum ... semen emiserit aliter quam naturaliter cum uxore;

(c, s. xv) Sex sunt generaciones mundi prima ab adam vsque ad noe ... ad finem seculi. 4or sunt generaciones numerorum prima que incipit ab vno et durat vsque ad .x. ... ex imperfectis est reperire alios diminutos alios habundantes.

(a) Six ages. TRY J. A. Burrow, re Ages of Man.

(b) TRY Confessor's manual.

(c) The four classes of numbers are 1-10, 10-100, 100-1000, and 1000-infinity.

Correction and Annotation:

Omissions supplied over erasures (e.g. f. 7), by interlineation (e.g. f. 7) and in margins, by original or contemporary hands (e.g. ff. 4v-5). Further corrections by a later hand, s. xv in. e.g. ff. 11v-12. Marginal apparatus in a few places, perhaps in the main hand, using a more documentary form of anglicana, e.g. against 'crachier' in text 'gallice. anglice spittyn' f. 135v. Some annotation, s. xiv [cf. 2(a)], largely 'Nota bene'; distinctive hand-pointers, ff. 42v, 80v.


Written in England.

Secundo folio: ubi .vj. ?? CONFIRM FROM DCL MSS

'Geo. Davenport | 1663.', visible on earlier pastedown through window cut in later pastedown; his note of content, f. iv.

Binding: Sides of s. xvii calf bearing Hugh Hutchinson's rolls A and D and tool no. 1. Spine replaced s. xix med., 1 clasp.