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DUL MS Cosin V.II.11 Boethius, cum Comment. N. Trivet, etc. s. xiv ex.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

25/1/94 AJP after AID check of AJP revision of AJP + AID

[1 paper] + 1 (medieval pastedown) + 136 + [1] (medieval pastedown) + [1 paper]; foliated i, 1-136, by R. A. B. Mynors, c. 1945-50. Membrane (0.14 mm.; some natural edges, corners and flaws; quires with fleshside outermost); 265 x185 mm.

Collation: (A: ff. 1-130) 110, 2-168; (B: ff. 131-136) 178 wants 7-8 after f. 136. Catchwords on quires 1-15; also a single, mistaken, catchword on f. 132r. Rectos numbered in roman at centre foot in blue in the first half of quires 1- 4, 6-7 and 9-11, or in red in quires 8 and 15.

No evidence of pricking.

(A) Written space 190-195 x 120-125 mm.; framed in soft brown. 39 or, ff. 3v-130, 47-53 unruled long lines, or, two columns, the left for the metra, the right for the start of the commentary.

(B) Written space c. 170 x 105 mm.; framed in sharp grey. 35-36 long lines, but originally framed for 2 columns, 39-45 mm. wide, probably on larger pages.

(A) Written in anglicana, proficiently, using occasional simple a, smaller from f. 3v onwards, but possibly all the same hand, with descenders of bottom line elaborated in quires 5-13; the first portion of the exemplar appears to have been unavailable when copying started, for quire 2 onwards appear to have been written before quire 1, which is longer than those that follow, with the lower third of f. 10v blank save for a note 'Nichil deficit' in the scribe's hand and ink and the last two words of text repeated as the catchword below. Top quarter of f.45v left blank, probably because of its poor surface.

(B) Written in bastard anglicana, proficiently, with textura conventions apart from looped d and v and long r.

Decoration: lemmata of (A) underlined in ink or, ff. 3v-5 and 6v-7, in red. Virgules in red, ff. 6v-7. Text-capitals of some metra touched with red, also ff. 5r-v, 9r-v, 50, 57, 115, 124-125, 126. Paraphs in blue, or occasionally red, in quire 1, ff. 44-51 and 58v, 75v, 77v, 81, 89v, 100v, 105, 110v, 115, 118v-119, 121, 122v-124, 126, 128v, 130, and (B). Line-fillers in blue, and occasionally red, in quire 1 and (B).

Initials: (i) to divisions, 2- or 3-line, in blue, with red infilling and flourishing, embellished ff. 6v and 45 with blue; (ii) to books of (A) and chapter 5 of (B), 6- or 7- line, or book 5 and (B) 4-line, in blue decorated with red, with red infilling and flourishing; (iii) to opening of (A), 6-line, rather crude, in blue shaded with white, filled with gold ground and two large trilobe flowers springing from a green shoot, and surrounded by deep pink ground patterned with white and framed with gold, extended in upper margin as a green shoot with trilobe flowers and gold blobs.

The style of the red flourishing of the initials in both portions of the volume is uniform and distinctive, with various human faces in (A, e.g. ff. 2, 3, 11v, 23v, 45v). Initials and flourishing not executed in quire 5.

Running-titles through most of (A), in ink; none in (B).



1. ff. 1-130 Explanacionem librorum Boecij de consolacione philosophie aggressurus: notis quorundam fratrum satisfacere cupiens ... ... cum acciones nostre sint in conspectu summi iudicis cernentis cuncta qui est dominus noster Iesus Christus Cui sit honor et gloria in secula seculorum. Amen. [e]t sic terminatur liber quintus continens prosas sex et metra quinque [e]t sunt vniuersaliter in libro toto prose 39 & metra totidem. Nomen scriptoris benedic deus omnibus horis.

Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae, cum Commento Nicholai Trivet. No printed edition; in a typescript edition E. T. Silk (c. 1980 ?) divides the seven or eight copies he collated into two groups, of which this copy, not used by him, seems to agree chiefly with the first, but not with any single smaller grouping.

Circular spaces for diagrams left blank, ff. 94v, 95v.

f. 130v framed but blank


2. ff. 131-136v [Vestra novit intencio ...] uenalium omnia que commercia in duplo quam essent appreciata dominicis auribus intimabat ... ... transeuntibus expositus plebis abiectio [... inquinamenta permanebunt.]

Boethius pseud., De disciplina scolarium, defective, beginning in the middle of chapter iv and ending a few lines from the end in chapter vi. PL 64, 1231-1238; ed. O. Weijers, Pseudo-Boce De disciplina scolarium, (Leiden; 1976), pp. 112/2 - 134/11. This copy is no. 25 (p. 70) of 111 listed (pp. 64-88); besides being incomplete it appears corrupt and is not collated by Weijers. Out of a total of 863 lines, the first 396 are missing, the equivalent of 4.3 folios; the last 5 lines are also missing. The beginning of a chapter at the foot of f. 132v is abandoned for a fresh start at the head of f. 133.

Correction and annotation

Some sidenotes in (A) by the copyist. Numerous marginal corrections and supplies to text in quire 1 by a secretary hand of s.xv1; a few on later leaves.


Written in England.

Secundo folio uero papam

'Geo. Davenport. 1664.', visible on earlier pastedown through window cut in s. xix pastedown; his note on Trivet from Bale and Pits, f.iv, below a title in a hand of s.xvi/xvii (which occurs in MSS Cosin V.II.2, etc.).

Binding: marks on back pastedown (raised) of 5 (?) bands, |||||; rust-marks on front pastedown from two fastenings. Sides of sprinkled calf, s. xvii, with blind double fillets in pattern ? with gilt dot-and-dash roll of Hugh Hutchinson on edges of boards (paper); spine replaced s. xix med., one clasp.