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DUL MS Cosin V.I.9 Giles of Rome, Gouvernement des rois s. xiv ex.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

1/2/90 AJP revision of AJP + AID

[1] + 1 (membrane, coarse, s. xvii ?) + 202 + [1]; foliated, 1-203, s. xviii/xix, by R. Harrison (?). Paper, folio (watermark of a triple mount surmounted by a cross, cf. Briquet, nos 11678 foll., and Heawood (15th cent.) fig. 67 (Durham Cath., 1435-56)PURSUE BOTH OF THESE FURTHER AND GET BETA-RADIOGRAPHS OF PAIRS OF MARKS), 290 x 185 mm.; trimmed on all outside edges, see cropping of running heads and catchwords; pieces cut from outer margins of ff. 43, 47, 139; a few worm-holes; fore-edges and lower margins stained by damp throughout; f.2 fore-edge and lower margin repaired, s. xix (?).

Collation: 1-2010, 21 two. Catchwords on quires 1-20. Quires 1-20 signed a-v, and 21 perhaps x, at the centre or the left of the lower margins.

Pricks for frame in outer amd lower margins. Written space 195 x 123-126 mm.; framed in sharp grey shading to soft brown. 17-19 long lines.

Written in unusually large anglicana, proficiently, by one hand, using a thinner nib for chapter-headings. Ink pale brown. Punctuated with virgula, punctus and punctus elevatus.

Decoration: general and chapter headings underlined in red. Running titles, capitals and chapter numbers touched with pale yellow. Marginal distinctions in red roman numerals. Initials: (i) to chapters, 2-line, in red, with infilling and flourishing in grey-blue; (ii) to parts 2-4, 3- or 4- line, in ink outline partly filled with green wash, on square ground of yellow wash, enclosing tinted ink drawings of face of bearded man with a bird issuing from his mouth (f. 41), interlace (f. 138) or female (?) head with a chaplet, and extended as demi-vinet in ink with green and yellow wash, including (f. 138) six male demi-profiles; (iii) to part 1, 6-line, historiated A in ink, formed by a man in a tight belted green upper garment with a brown hood, holding a ragged staff, and held upside-down in the teeth of a winged dragon, enclosing a kneeling figure (the author) in mitre and uncoloured relgious habit presenting red book to seated figure (the Dauphin) in green washed robe with ermine collar, in gold crown, holding red sceptre, and extended as full vinet in ink with yellow and pale red wash, supporting a man, clothed as figure forming initial but uncoloured save for red pointed shoes, holding a green ragged staff.

NB PHOTO to be taken, of whole page or detail?

Running-titles, giving part and book, in ink, by main scribe, touched with yellow.


1. ff. 2-203 Giles de Rome. Cy comence le liure du gouernement dez Rois et dez princes translatee de latin. en francois; A Son especial seigneur neez de lignee roial et seinte monsieur phelip aisneez filtz et heir monsieur phelip tres snoble Roy de france ... (f. 4) de toute reuerence. mad requis; Cy finist ly prologues, Et commencent lez chapitles de la primere partie del primer liure ... Quelle est la manere de parler en la science du gouernement dez Rois et dez princes; C.j. ... (f. 5) Quelle soit le lower dez Rois ... C.xiij. ... C.j. Ly philosophres dist que la parole du sage homme ne doit estre ne plus longe ne pluz brief ... ... es moures et es maneres dez Roys et dez princes; - Deo gratias; Cy fenist le primere liure du gouernement dez Roys. et dez princes. que Frere Giles de Rome. de lordre. s. augustin ad faite;

Egidio Colonna of Rome, trans. Henri de Gauchy, Le gouvernement des princes, prologue & bk i. Ed. from one copy, now New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS 213, S. P. Molenaer, Li livres du gouvernement des rois, (Columbia University Studies in Romance Philology & Literature 1; New York, 1899, repr. 1966), pp. 1-143; to the list of copies in France and Turin, F. Lajard, `Gilles de Rome', Histoire litte'raire de la France 30, (Paris; 1888, repr. 1971), 525- 533, Molenaer adds (p. xxvii) three copies in the British Library: MSS Add. 22274, Egerton 811, and Harley 4385, none of which is closely akin to the Cosin copy. THERE IS ALSO THE QUESTION OF THE NATURE OF THE LANGUAGE AS AGAINST MOLENAER'S TEXT `the language shows a strong Picard colouring' (p.xxxi)].

When compared with the ed. the Cosin copy is fuller in some places, shorter in others; some wording, especially in the chapter-lists and headings, and much spelling is different. The divisions and the placing of the chapter-lists are the same, but ed. I,2,xxvii (pp. 81-83) comes in the Cosin copy, as it should, after ed. I,2,xxviii-xxxi (ff. 130-133, and likewise in the chapter-list (f. 40r-v); in the chapter-list to I,3 the original scribe left a space for the heading to cap. ix and later added a note with the thinner pen that he appears to have used for the headings in the text: 'cy deffaut le ixe chapitle. tout entier si la querretz' (f. 137v), whereas in ed. there is no reference to this chapter and so the headings are numbered 1-10, rather than 1-11 as here, and the same applies in the text itself (f. 167v).

2. f. 203 (added in paler, faded, ink in neat contemporary anglicana, overflowing lower half of frame at the bottom and right)

(a) Alle my3ty and alle mercyable qwene | To qwome alle thys worlde fleethe for socoure ... ... lo houghe thefys seuene chasyn me | helpe lady er thanne my schyppe to breste;

(b, in right margin) Thenkyth on hym that this wrote | Qwanne ye seen hym not.

(a) Geoffrey Chaucer, ABC, stanzas i-ii, based on a poem by Guillaume de Deguileville in his P'elerinage de la vie humaine: IMEV ????;

(b) additional final couplet, presumably by the copyist. Washed out, perhaps by an attempted revival with a chemical reagent.

(a, b) Printed A. I. Doyle, "Unrecorded Chaucerian manuscript", The Durham Philobiblon, 1 pt 8 (Jan. 1953), 54- 55, with a misprint 'theyfys' in line 15. The initial 'qw-' together with other spellings suggests East Anglian influence on the copyist or the exemplar. Cf. Chaucer's Minor Poems ed. A.David & G.B.Pace ?

f. 203vframed, but blank.

Correction and Annotation:

'Nota' f. 106v margin, by the main scribe. Neat original correction by striking-through, subpunction and inter-linear insertion, occasionally matched by a marginal cross in ink.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: qui ad force.

'Geo. Davenport. | 1670.' on slip stuck to front pastedown; his note of contents, f. 1v.

Binding: standard,, s. xix med.; 2 clasps.