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DUL MS Cosin V.I.5 P. Lombardus, Sententiarum libri iv s. xii ex.

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

9/2/90 AJP revision of AJP + AID

[1] + 1 (medieval flyleaf) + 189 + [1]. Membrane (0.22 mm.; smooth; flesh- and hairsides difficult to distinguish, but quires probably with hairside outermost; original slit (f. 180), some flaws (ff. 16, 38, 120, 135, 149 and 164) and natural edges), 320 x 235 mm. Outer edges cropped. Tears (repaired) and staining on f. 72; ff. 183-189 stained. Lower outer corner of f. 5 cut away, leaving impressions of previous repair (?) stitches on adjoining leaves.

Collation of ff. 2-190: 1-238, 246 wants 6 (blank ?). Catchwords on quires 1-17 and 20-21, just to the right of quire-numbers; that at the end of quire 2 ('et nam et uni') is not to the text at the start of quire 3, where I.xii.5 begins, but presumably to part of the absent rubric for which space was left. Quires 2-17 and 20-22 numbered on last verso, at centre of lower margin.

Prickings in inner and outer margins. Written space 204 or, quires 12, 15, 18-20 and 22-24, c.201 or, quire 21, 197 x 145, or, quires 12-15 and 17-20, 147, or, quires 16 and 21- 24, 150 mm., with space between columns 14-18 mm.; ruled in sharpish grey-brown. Two columns. 38 lines, the first above top ruled lined; f. 20, 49 lines, over erasures (?).

Written in proto-gothic minuscule, proficiently, by at least two hands, changing on f. 75b/12. Punctuated with medial punctus, elevatus and versus.

Decoration: Initials: (i) in chapter-lists, 1-line, alternately blue and red; (ii) to chapters and prologues II- IV, 2-line, alternately red, and blue or, ff. 1-133 and sporadically thereafter, alternately green, occasionally with feeble infilling in red; (iii) to prologue I, 5-line, oxidised red, with feeble infilling in blue and red; (iv) to books, between 9- and 12-line, red and blue or green, with somewhat amateurish feathered geometrical infilling in red, green and, except f. 138v, blue, followed for Bks I and III by the first 6 or 7 letters in two rows of 4-line narrow lombards in red, blue and green.

Running-titles, in red, giving book-number, added (?), s. xiv/xv (?), cf. added rubrics, f. 56v.


1. ff. 2-189 (Incipit prologus. add., s. xv ?) Cupientes autem aliquid de penuria ... (f. 2v) ... titulos quibus singulorum (librorum) capitula distinguntur premisimus; Omnis doctrina est de rebus uel de signis ... Vtrum passiones sanctorum debeamus velle; (f. 4v) Incipit liber primus sententiarum; (D.I marg. add., s. xv ?) Ueteris ac noue legis continentiam indagine ... ... per media ad pedes usque uia duce peruenit.

Lumina. penna. manus. digna mercede fruantur: | Hec: sompno. calamus laude. quiete manus.

Peter Lombard, Sententiae. PL 192,521-962. Bk I cap 131 has the uncorrected reading but Bk III cap. 38 has the revised reading, see ed. 1971-81, I, 143*. Book III begins 'Erat autem' instead of 'Cum venit igitur', f. 104. The last sentence of III,xxxix,6 is replaced by a separate section 'De triplici iuramento illicitorum Iuramenta tripliciter esse contingit illicita. ... auctoritate seruari prohibetur', f. 136; between IV,xxxiv,5 and 6 there are two short sections without rubrics: 'Nicholaus papa. Si quis cum duabus sororibus fuerit fornicatus ... de laicis uiris. ac mulieribus solummodo statuimus. Item ex triburiensi concilio. Si quis cum nouerca sua dormierit; ... cum filiastra sua. uel cum sorore suae uxoris dormierit. obseruandum est.', f. 174v.

The prologues to Books II, III and IV (ff. 58v, 104, 138v) are as ed. 1916 pp. 306, 550, 744. The lists of capitula (ff. 2v-4, 57-58v, 102v-104, 137-138v) do not correspond to the text, but are as in ed. 1916 pp. 4-13, 295-305, 543-549, 735-744; for all Bk III, most of Bk II and the latter part of Bk I the lists are written with each chapter starting a new line.

Of the notulae mentioned in 1916 ed. pp. xliii-xliv, only those on pp. 53 and 620 (between III,xv,6 and 7: ed. 1916 nos 99 and 100, p. 617) form part of the main text, as separate sections, ff. 12v and 115v, together with the passage 'Innocencius.papa. Decernimus ... deseruire' (1916 ed. p. 966n) between the first and second parts of IV,xxxvii,1 (931/47) f. 176; that on p. 112 was written by the original scribe in the lower margin, f. 22v, and those on pp. 21 and 22 were added later in the top margin, f. 6.

The Epilogue to I,i (PL 192,525) is misplaced between I,ii,1 and 2, f. 6; I,ix,5 and 8 are transposed, f. 15. Book II ends (xliv,3) 'nulli potestati obediamus.', followed by Bk III capitula-list, and its prologue, divided at 'ualeamus. ... Hic enim rationis ordo', ff. 102v-104.

The original rubrics, with minor variants, and divisions are as in PL, except that the rubrics are in the margin. In numbers of places the divisions diverge: no rubric or break at e.g. I,v,2, II,iii,5, III,iii,2, or IV,i,10; breaks at e.g. PL 527/33, 601/19, 705/1, 832/46 and 904/50. The divergences mostly co-incide with those in Cosin MS V.i.6 below. COMPARE V.I.& AND CATHEDRAL COPIES

Only some chapters have original numbers, in red, e.g. I c.3, 6, 7, 27-119. The considerable early marginal and interlinear annotation, ff. 2-36v, CHECK THIS IN ART.CIT SUB LYELL 14, & POSS. MSS MENTIONED THERE, includes sporadic numbering of sections much closer to the arrangement in ed. 1916 than to PL. The book- and distinction-numbers were added later, including e.g. I,xviii at I,xvii,19, II,xiv at II,xiii,10, and IV,xi at IV,xi,4. Some rubrics later still, e.g. f. 56v, s. xiv/xv.

2. (added, s. xv2, by one current anglicana):

(a) f. 189v Constitucio Stephani de langeton Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi de decimis. Cum inter rectores ecclesie super decimis de nutrimentis animalium propter appulsiones pecorum ... ... quam penam excommunicacionis in nostra diocesi precipimus firmiter obseruari;

(b) ff. 189v-190 Constitucio Roberti de Wynchilse Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi de Decimis. Quoniam propter diuersas consuetudines in petendo decimas per diuersas ecclesias ... ... donec archidiacono dimidiam Marcam argenti pro sua inobediencia persoluerint.

Constitutions concerning tithes:

(a) The first part follows closely but not exactly the version of the widely circulated statute that forms cap. 77 in the statutes of William of Bitton I, bishop of Bath & Wells (C&S II,i,624), continuing with cap. 78 and the first part of 79, up to 'ac eorum fautores', (ibid. 625), and ending with an unidentified section, beginning 'Statuimus eciam quod predia dent decimas'.

(b) [Boniface of Savoy, archbishop of Canterbury ?], Statuta de decimis. C&S II,ii,794-797.

Corrections and annotations

Some careful early corrections over erasures, e.g. ff. 10v, 11v, 44, 107, 184, 188. Original marginal citations and glosses in red supplemented in ink, often on ruling in the margins, by a smaller hand, s. xii/xiii, responsible for many inter-linear glosses, chiefly in Bk I. Early corrections and notes in brown. Further annotations in an English secretary hand s.xv in., which possibly assigned distinction numbers on the chapter-list of book III and arabic sectional numbers on ff. 5v-15 and 65-80. Marginal distinction numbers in red, and some rubrics (ff. 1, 56v), s. xiv/xv, possibly also running titles.

Written in England.

Secundo folio: spiritu sancto (f. 3), aliter quam (f. 5).

'<one line erased> Liber sentenciarum', with 'prec. xxs.' in darker ink over erasure, 's. <Rob. seynt Oswald (?)>, f. 1, all s. xiv.

Distinctive hand-pointers by John Manby, monk of Durham (14xx-xxxx), ff. 119 and 120, see plate XXXXX. Attribution of author and title of item 1 in hand of Thomas Swalwell, monk of Durham (c. 1483-1539), f. 2. Not in medieval catalogues of Durham Cathedral Priory.

'Geo. Davenport. 1663.', on slip stuck to front pastedown; his note of contents, f. 1v.

Binding: rust-marks close to inner edges of front and back flyleaves, perhaps from nails securing bands to boards. Now standard, s. xix med.; 2 clasps.