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Durham University

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DUL MS Cosin V.I.1

Origen, Homeliae in O.T. s. xii2

These incomplete draft descriptions of medieval manuscripts in Durham University Library are copyright, and may not be quoted without the permission of the University of Durham Library.

Owing to inconsistencies with the source software, accented characters appear in varying compound forms. This has not yet been rationalized.

5/3/90 AJP revision of AJP

Another twelfth-century copy of the same corpus, slightly less complete, B.L. MS Royal 4.C.ix, also has the two omissions in Judges and the use of Jeremiah to complete Isaiah (see items 6 and 8), also homilies beginning as here: Genesis 16 'Vendiderunt etenim egiptij' (f. 15), Judges 2 'Recitatum est nobis et ille' (f. 141), and Isaiah 9 'Et exaudiuit' (f. 164). The same features recur in a further twelfth-century copy of Judges - Jeremiah, B.L. MS Royal 6.A.ii.

[1] + 2 (s. xvii) + 203 + 2 (s. xvii) + [1]; foliated 1, 1*, 2-206. Membrane (0.2 mm.; flesh- and hair-sides not readily distinguishable; apparently so treated that rubrics and red initials outside the written area have oxidised; some flaws (stitching remaining, f. 53; patches, ff. 81, 82, 97) and natural edges), 420 x 285-290 mm. Outer edges cropped, taking some prickings, also lower edges, see partly cut away directions to rubricator and catchwords.

Collation, conjectural for quires 1-4 and 31-32, based on calculations of space required for missing text: 18 missing, 28 wants 1 before f. 2 and 4-7 after f. 3, 38 wants 7-8 after f. 10, 48 wants 1-4 before f. 11, 58 68 wants 6 cancelled after f. 27 78 88 wants 2-7 after f. 38, 9-198, 208 wants 3-8 after f. 128, 218 wants 2 after f. 129, 22- 248, 258 wants 4-5 after f. 162, 268 wants 5-7 after f. 169, 27-308, 318 wants 3-8 after f. 203, 328 missing. Catchwords on quires 7, 9-11, 15-19, 21-23 and 25-28.

Prickings in inner and outer margins. Written space 305-314 x 199 (94.13.92); ruled in greyish brown. Two columns. 42 or, quires 8-31, 40 lines, the first above top ruled line.

Written in proto-gothic minuscule, proficiently, probably by at least five scribes: I, ff. 1-27/b11 and 33/a15-37v; II, ff. 27/b12-33/a15 and 38 (81) -57v; III, ff. 58-194v save as IV below, with major variations in proportions imperceptibly introduced; IV, f. 162v/a4-12; V, ff. 195 (301) -204v. I, III and IV occasionally using tailed e, e.g. ff. 9v/b, 38/a4,/b8, 58/b25, 164v/a9.

Punctuation by I and V (at least once, f. 197v/b27) including punctus flexus; elsewhere, and also f. 34, by alteration of punctus.

Decoration: some text-capitals set out to left and enlarged, ff. 1-27 and 33-37v. Initials: (i) to subdivisions of homilies, 2- or 3-line, in red, green or buff, some with serifs elaborated into curled foliage finials; (ii) to homilies, 6- or 7-line, in red, buff and/or green, decorated with reserve-work wavy lines, dots, etc., and with finials as (i), many filled with geometrical patterns and/or curled foliage in green and/or buff, and, f. 195, blue and red.

Running-titles on most rectos or, ff. 60v-64, 112v-140, 150v-150 and 155v-158, openings or, ff. 64v-108, 140v-150, 151v-155 and 158v-204v, each page, in ink, giving book of the Bible; none on ff. 108-111.


1. ff. 2-17 [beginning lost: In principio fecit Deus celum et terram. Quod est omnium principium nisi Dominus noster ...] non uocaberis Abram. sed Abraham erit nomen tuum ... ... qu,e dei sunt querere; et deus erit semper nobiscum. per iesum christum d. n. cui est g. in s. s. Amen Explicit omelia .xvjma.

Origen, trans. Rufinus, Homeliae in Genesim, ...iii...,, ...xiii-xvi. RBMA no. 6170. PG 12,177/8-183/28, 196/17-217/18, 234/46-253. OWHH i,41/28-50/6, 67/20-95/23, 119/21-144. The equivalent of almost 9 folios, making no allowance for a list of capitula, etc., is the amount of text missing at the beginning; of 4 folios, between ff. 3, ending 'Christo Iesu', and 4, beginning 'abimelech iste'; and of almost 6 folios, between ff. 10, ending 'dixerit mihi', and 11, beginning 'illa omni'.

2. ff. 17-20v Incipit explanatio de benedictionibus patriarcharum. Omelia prima. Sciendum primo est quod in singulis quibusque locis ... ... Filios patris qui; quasi in morali loco posuimus.

Origen, pseud., Homelia xvii in Genesim; i.e. Rufinus, De benedictionibus patriarcharum, extr. RBMA no. 6171. PG 12,253-262/47. PL 21,314-318, 301-308. TRO 204-209, 192-200.

3. ff. 20v-51 Uidetur mihi unusquisque sermo scripture diuine; similis esse alicui seminum. ... ... atque ex his adornare tabernaculum deo iacob; per christum d. n. cui est h. et i. per o. s. s. amen. Expliciunt omelie origenis in exodum.

Origen, trans. Rufinus, Homeliae in Exodum, i-vii..., ...xi- xiii. RBMA no. 6174. PG 12,297-349/6, 364/22-396. OWHH i,145-215/18, 238/16-279. The equivalent of 6 folios is the amount of text missing between ff. 38, ending 'omnipotentis hoc est', and 39, beginning 'chaustorum iuxta uelamen'.

4. ff. 51-108v Incipit expositio eiusdem in leuiticum de eo quod scriptum est si homo munus offerat deo. Sicut in nouissimis diebus uerbum dei ex maria ... ... ac tocius sanctitatis imposuit. Ipsi gloria ineternum et in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia xvjma. de leuitico.

Origen, trans. Rufinus, Homeliae in Leviticum, i-xvi. RBMA no. 6176. PG 12,405-574. OWHH i,280-507.


(a) f. 108v Incipit proemium expositionis origenis in ihesv nave. In diuinis uoluminibus refertur; quod ad constructionem tabernaculi ... ... quod eruditis deberet iniungi. expetis ab indoctis. Explicit proemium.

(b) ff. 108v-139 Incipit tractatvs in ihesv nave. (f. 109) Donauit Deus nomen quod est super omne nomen; domino et saluatori nostro ... ... ubi est uerus israel in christo iesu d. n. per q. e. deo patri h. et g. in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia .xxvj. in libro ihesu naue.

(a) Rufinus, Prologus in homelias Origenis in Josue. RBMA no. 6181; ibid. ix, no. 7534,1. PG 12, 823-826. TRO, 285, from OWHH ii,286-287;

(b) Origen, trans. Rufinus, Homeliae in Josue, i-xiv..., ...xvii-xviii..., ...xix-xxvi. RBMA no. 6181. PG 12,835- 893/29, 912/26-915/31, 921/17-948. OWHH ii,287-376/21, 404/14-409/18, 415/5-463. The equivalent of 6 folios is the amount of text missing between ff. 128, ending 'salvatoris nostri', and 129, beginning 'efficiantur sapientie'; of 1 folio between ff. 129, ending 'et reliquie', and 130, beginning 'uiuentium.', where a stub remains.

6. ff. 139-150 Incipit expositio origenis in librum ivdicvm. Omelia primo de eo quod scriptum est; et seruiuit populus domino. Lector quidem presentis lectionis its legebat. Et timuit populus ... ... ab ipso uictoriam consequi mereamur in christo iesu d. n. cui e. g. et i. in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia .viij. in iudicum.

Origen, trans. Rufinus, Homiliae in Judices, i-ix. RBMA no. 6183. PG 12,951-957/13, 960/40-985/17, 988/39-990. OWHH ii,464-473/7, 478/9-514/8, 519/21-522. The omission of passages from Homily 2 'Vidisti quia ... in manus diripientium' (f. 141/b19), and Homilies 8 - 9 'et replevit ... adhuc inquit' (f. 149v/a9), whereby the two homilies are amalgamated, is found in other English copies, see above; the latter in some Continental copies also, see OWHH i,x-xi.

7. ff. 150-155 Incipit nona in Regnorum. de helchana et senenna et anna et samuel et heli et ofni et finees. Non tunc tantummodo deus plantauit paradysum: ... ... ut in nouitate uite ambulem in christo iesu d. n. cui e. g. et i. in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia nona in regnorum.

Origen, trans. anon., Homelia in I Reges. RBMA no. 6185. PG 12,995-1012. OWHSHP 1-25.


(a) ff. 155-164v/a6 Incipit omelia prima in ysaiam. de eo quod scriptum est. quamdiu ozias Rex vixit. Qvamdiu ozias rex uixit; non potuit uisionem uidere ysaias propheta. ... ... poterimus intelligere.

(b) f. 164v/a6-b Conuersi sunt ad iniquitates. ... per singula opera; et efficieris filius dei in christo iesu cui e. g. et i. in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia .ix.

(a) Origen, trans. Jerome, Homeliae in Isaiam i-vi..., ...vii-ix. RBMA no. 6202. PG 13,219-243/24, 249/34- 254. PL 25,666/3-667.

(b) Origen, trans. Jerome, Homelia in Jeremiam ix/vi part. RBMA no. 6205. PG 13,355/7-358. PL 25,666/3-667. OWHSHP 242- 274/31, 283/14-289. The use of the latter part of the Jeremiah homily to conclude the incomplete Isaiah Homily 9 was widespread, see e.g. below. The equivalent of 2.12 folios is the amount of text missing between folio 162, which ends 'diem hec', and folio 163, which begins 'Propositionem'.

9. ff. 164v-189 Expositio Origenis in ieremiam; omelia prima. Deus ad benefaciendum promptus est. ad puniendos autem eos qui pena digni sunt; ... ... docens in commune populum suum omnipotentem deum. cum christo iesu. cui e. g. et i. in s. s. amen. Explicit omelia xiiij.

Origen, trans. Jerome, Homeliae in Jeremiam i-ii..., ...iii- xiv. Cf. RBMA no. 6205. PL 25,611-633/8, 643/11-724. Homilies 2-3: OWHSHP 290-300/2, 315/17-317. The equivalent of 3 folios is the amount of text missing between ff. 169, ending 'principali cordis', and 170, beginning 'uindicte eorum.', where three stubs remain.

10. ff. 189-204v Incipit expositio Origenis in ezechielem. Omelia prima. Magnum est quidem amice quod postulas ut originem faciam latinum: ... tu notarium. Non omnis qui captiuus est; propter peccata ... ... dicit adonay dominus: et confisa.

Origen, trans. cum Prologo Jerome, Homeliae in Ezechielem i- 318-389/28. The equivalent of almost 15 folios would be required for the text of the remaining Ezekiel Homilies missing after f. 204.

Correction and Annotation:

Apparatus, apparently in part at least by text-scribes, or rubricators (?), comprising marking of lines containing scriptural passages with a sign like a cedilla (see Plate OO); marginal notes, in red, keyed by signs to particular words, also, similarly keyed, in ink, letters 'AZ', 'AH' (both f. 88v), 'AO' (f. 89), 'NZ' (f. 101), 'ZS' (f. 106v), etc.; nota marks and letters, 'A' (e.g. ff. 84, 110v, 111, 112, 186, 187), 'R' (f. 111v), 'D.M.' (f. 85); and marking of passages with pairs of an ad hoc sign, e.g. ff. 40r-v, 144v-145v, 147v.

Early corrections, over erasures, e.g ff. 101, 115, and by interlineation, e.g. ff. 114v, 115, 154v, 155, some following marginal notes, e.g. ff. 101, 196, 201v, 204. Punctuation amended early, see above.

Brief marginal indications of content, s. xii/xiii. Note, s. xv (?), f. 67.

A few post-medieval notes on content.

Written in England, in part by scribes following the Cistercian use of punctus flexus in punctuating.

Secundo folio missing.

Note of contents, in the hand of George Davenport, f. 1*.

Binding: standard, s. xix med.; 2 clasps.

OWHH: ed. W. A. Baehrens, Origenes Werke vi-vii: Homilien zum Hexateuch in Rufins Ubersetzung i-ii, (Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei jahrhunderte 29- 30; Leipzig, 1920-1921).

OWHSHP: ed. W. A. Baehrens, Origenes Werke viii: Homilien zu Samuel I, zum Hohelied und zu den Propheten, Kommentar zum Hohelied, in Rufins und Hieronymus' Ubersetzungen, (Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei jahrhunderte 33; Leipzig, 1925).

TRO: ed. M. Simonetti, Tyrannii Rvfini opera, (CC Ser. lat. 20; 1961).