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Durham University

Special Collections

Medieval Manuscripts in the University Library

General information

The great majority of the medieval book manuscripts among the Library's holdings are among the Cosin manuscripts. See the description of that collection for details of contents, finding-aids, etc. Others are among the Mickleton & Spearman manuscripts, the Additional manuscripts, the Bamburgh Collection, the St. Chad's Deposit, and bound with early printed books in the SR sequence.

All are described in the Draft Catalogue of Medieval Manuscripts in the Search Room by Dr A.I. Doyle and Mr A.J. Piper.

MS. No. Contents Date
MS Cosin V.I.1 Origen, Homeliae in O.T. s.xii2
MS Cosin V.I.2 Breviarium sec. usum Ebor., cum notis, defect. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.I.3 Breviarium sec. usum Sarum, cum notis, defect. s.xv1
MS Cosin V.I.4 P. Lombardus, In Psalmos s.xii ex. Digitised version
MS Cosin V.I.5 P. Lombardus, Sententiarum libri iv s.xii ex.
MS Cosin V.I.6 P. Lombardus, Sententiarum libri iv s.xiii med.
MS Cosin V.I.7 Rog. Waltham, Compendium morale; etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.I.8 Anselm; Augustine s.xiv1
MS Cosin V.I.9 Giles of Rome, Gouvernement des rois s.xiv ex.
MS Cosin V.I.10 J. de Mandeville (in French) s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.I.11 Aelred of Rievaulx; Achard of St Victor s.xii/xiii Digitised version
MS Cosin V.I.12 Ephrem Syrus; etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.I.13 Bernardus, Rabbi Samuel, Origen, H. Suso, etc. s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.II.1 Liber Numerorum, cum glossa s.xii ex. Digitised version
MS Cosin V.II.2 Ruth - Esther cum glossa, Aelred; Augustine s.xii in. - ex.
MS Cosin V.II.3 Augustinus, Methodius s.xiv ex; xv1-xv med.
MS Cosin V.II.4 Peter Aureolus; tabula patristica s.xiv ex./xv in.
MS Cosin V.II.5 Miscellanea theologica, etc. s.xiv1
MS Cosin V.II.6 Symeon, Historia Ecclesiae Dunelm. s.xii in., ex., xvi ex.
MS Cosin V.II.7 William Peraldus, Summa de vitiis s.xiv med.
MS Cosin V.II.8 Sermons of Odo, Peter of Rheims, etc. s.xiii med.
MS Cosin V.II.9 Quaestiones theologicae s.xiii med.-xiii/xiv
MS Cosin V.II.10 Richard FitzNeale, Dialogus de scaccario. s.xvii
MS Cosin V.II.11 Boethius, cum Comment. N. Trivet, etc. s.xiv ex.
MS Cosin V.II.12 G. de Columnis, Ps.-Turpin, etc. s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.II.13 Chaucer, Troilus and Criseyde; etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.II.14 J. Lydgate, Sege of Thebes; etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.II.15 Boethius, trans. J. Walton, De consolatione philosophiae s.xv2
MS Cosin V.II.16 J. Lydgate, Life of B.V.M. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.II.17 Anseis de Carthage, Ogier le Danois (in French) s.xiii2
MS Cosin V.III.1 Laurentius Dunelm. s.xii med.-xii2 Digitised version
MS Cosin V.III.2 Sermones s.xiii in.
MS Cosin V.III.3 Clemens V, Constitutiones; etc.; Summae super Decretum s.xiv med.; s.xii2
MS Cosin V.III.4 Bonifacius VIII, Liber sextus decretalium; etc. s.xiii/xiv
MS Cosin V.III.5 J. Mirk, Festial s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.III.6 Lollard dialogue; s.xiv ex. &xvi/xvii
MS Cosin V.III.7 J. Mandeville, Peregrinatio; etc. s.xv ex.
MS Cosin V.III.8 Pseudo-Bonaventure in English s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.III.9 Thomas Hoccleve 1421 x 1426
MS Cosin V.III.10 Medica, Astronomica, Grammatica, etc. (much in English) s.xv med/ex. & s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.III.11 Recipes, etc. s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.III.12 E. de Evesham, Quadrilogus de T. Becket; etc.
MS Cosin V.III.13 Pontificale cum notis s.xiii1
MS Cosin V.III.14 Ralph Ardens, Sermones de tempore s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.III.15 Jac. de Cessolis s.xiv med.
MS Cosin V.III.16 Miscellanea theologica s.xv ex./xvi in.
MS Cosin V.III.17 Usuardus, Martyrologium s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.III.18 Franciscan tracts on poverty s.xiv1 (post 1322)
MS Cosin V.III.19 R. Higden, Polychronicon extr.; etc. s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.III.20 Isidorus, Ethymologiae; W. Brito, Vocabulari Bibliae s.xiii med.
MS Cosin V.III.21 Manuale Sarum, cum notis s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.III.22 Visio Thurkilli; Albertanus Brixiensis; etc. s.xiv in; s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.III.23 Rosarium B.V.M. Note 1
MS Cosin V.III.24 Doctrine of the Hert; Tree, and Fruits of the Holy Ghost. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.IV.1 Medica (Latin, French and English) s.xv in.- ex.
MS Cosin V.IV.2 Fasciculus Morum, abridged; etc. 1477
MS Cosin V.IV.3 Sunday sermons: Advent, Lent, Easter (in English) s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.IV.4 Jan van Wackerzele, Life of St Barbara (in English), etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.IV.5 Statuta Angliae temp. Ed. III s.xiv2
MS Cosin V.IV.6 Contemplations of the dread and love of God. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.IV.7 Astrologia & Medica (Eng. & Lat.) s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.IV.8 Medical recipes in English. s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.IV.9 J. de Hildesheim; etc. s.xv1
MS Cosin V.V.1 New Testament, etc. (in English) s.xiv ex.
MS Cosin V.V.2 A. de Insulis, etc. s.xv med.
MS Cosin V.V.3 Sermones s.xiii ex.
MS Cosin V.V.4 Sermones; Sententiae; Alfraganus; etc. s.xii ex; s.xiii ex.
MS Cosin V.V.5. Horae s.xv in.
MS Cosin V.V.6 Kyriale, Graduale, Tonale, etc. s.xi ex.
MS Cosin V.V.7 Synodalia s.xiv med.
MS Cosin V.V.8 Radulphus; Origen; Bernard s.xii med.
MS Cosin V.V.9 Miscellanea (Lat., Eng. & Fr.) s.xii-xv
MS Cosin V.V.12 Devotionalia s.xv/xvi
MS Cosin V.V.13 Medica (partly in English or French) s.xv ex.
MS Cosin V.V.14 Theologica s.xiv/xv
MS Cosin V.V.15 Wm Rimington, Edmund Rich, Macer s.xiii2-xv med.
MS Cosin V.V.17 Biblia s.xiii
MS Cosin V.V.18 Biblia s.xiii
MS Cosin V.V.19 Miscellenea theologica; De S. Johanne Bridlington.; etc. s.xvi in.
Add.MS. 482 Bonaventura, Breviloquium. s.xv in.
Add.MS. 754 The Poor Caitiff s.xv in.
Add.MS. 767 Peter Comestor, etc. s.xiii in.-xv in.
Add.MS. 1648 Rule of St Augustine etc. late 14th / early 15th century
Add.MS. 1649 Getlach, Soliloquium etc early 15th century
Add.MS. 1650 Book of Hours, Rouen late 15th century
Add.MS. 1993 Book of Hours, Paris late 15th century
Add.MS. 2037 Book of Hours, Northern Italy late 15th century
Bamburgh Select 6. Psalterium, etc. s.xii/xiii
Bamburgh Select 25. Psalterium, etc. s.xv.
Mickleton & Spearman 27 Statuta Angliae s.xiv/xv
Mickleton & Spearman 57 Statuta Collegii de North Cadbury 1428.
Mickleton & Spearman 89 Peter of Limoges s.xiii/xiv
SA 0128 (formerly S.R. 2.B.3) Sermones, etc. s.xv2; 1480.
SA 0131 (formerly S.R. 3.A.4) Petrus Dorlandus 1497.
St Chad's 1 Antiphonale O.Cist. s.xiii in.
St Chad's 2 Horae s.xv1


S.R. manuscripts from the Routh collection.


1. Cosin V.III.23 reported as missing 1 July 1881; now B.L. MS Egerton 1821, and catalogued as acquired in 1860, see Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum. 1854-1875, ii, (1877, repr. 1967), p. 889.

Laurence of Durham