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Durham University

Special Collections

Sudan Wood Bequest project

Papers of K.H.J.O. Hayes (1903-1987)

3 boxes.

The Hayes Papers reflect the important role Hayes played in both the Legal Department of the Sudan Government, most notably as Judge of the High Courts of El Obeid, Khartoum and Kordofan, and as Bimbashi of the Sudan Defence Force during the Second World War.

The collection includes:

  • Papers on the internal workings of the Sudan Government's Legal Department, including the impact of Sudanisation
  • Reports of court cases involving the Sudanese which offer a unique insight into their customs and daily existence
  • Diary entries giving detailed descriptions of Hayes's role in the campaigns of the Sudan Defence Force during the Second World War

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Town Bench, El Obeid [SAD.960/4/12]

Town Bench, El Obeid [SAD.960/4/12]

R.P.S. Elderton on horseback [SAD.1/22/24]

R.P.S. Elderton [SAD.1/22/24]

Papers of R.P.S. Elderton (1876-1958)

1 box
The Elderton Papers reflect a long career as Deputy and Assistant Financial Secretary in the Finance Department.
The collection includes:

  • Correspondence on the administration of the finance department
  • Intelligence reports revealing government policy towards Sudanese tribes, particularly the Nuer and Dinka
  • Photographs which offer an insight into both British and Sudanese life during the Condominium

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Papers of M.W. Daly

5 boxes
The Daly Papers contain a range of primary source material on Sudanese history from the Condominium to the present day.
The collection includes:

  • Reports and correspondence on the internal tensions and operations of important political organisations in the post-independence period, most notably the SPLM/A
  • Reports of aid agencies and charities which reveal the impact of famine and war on the ordinary Sudanese people in the 1980s and 1990s
  • A wealth of unpublished draft articles and conference papers on many aspects of Sudanese history

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Papers of R.L. Hill (1901-1996)

17 boxes

The Hill Papers contain a wide range of material relating to all aspects of his life and career, including his student days in Oxford; service in the Sudan Railways and Education Department of the Sudan Government; his academic role as lecturer at Durham University and founder of the Sudan Archive; and the publication of his numerous academic works on Sudanese history.
The collection includes:

  • Correspondence and reports on the development of the railways in the Sudan
  • Diaries offering detailed and unusually forthright opinions on the British administration in the Sudan and the officials who staffed it
  • Copies of unique and rare primary source material from archives and libraries around the world

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Sudan Government Railways Khartoum express train

Sudan Government Railways Khartoum express train [SAD.491/1/21]

Sir Archibald Hunter

Sir Archibald Hunter [SAD.963/5/31]

Papers of Sir Archibald Hunter

3 boxes

Hunter's papers give a good overall picture of his highly decorated career. Whilst many relate to events and conflicts outside of Sudan, highly useful information is given on some of the key battles of the British Campaigns in the Sudan in the 1880s and 1890s.
The collection includes:

  • Correspondence, dispatches and reports relating to the Nile campaigns, 1885-1898
  • Diary covering much of Hunter’s life with information on his involvement in various battles and campaigns in the Sudan
  • Papers relating to Hunter’s service in the Boer War and in India

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Papers of Sir J. W. E. Miller

2 boxes
The Miller papers, though largely personal (consisting mainly of letters to his wife and family), give a valuable account of the everyday life of a British official serving in the Sudan during the Second World War.
The collection includes:

  • Correspondence and trek diaries giving a good insight into the day-to-day life of a British Official serving in Port Sudan and Khartoum
  • Trek diaries giving detailed accounts of tours around the Red Sea Province

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Sir J. W. Carmichael

Sir J. W. Carmichael [SAD.632/12/6]

Papers of Sir J. Carmichael

 6 boxes
The Carmichael papers reflect Carmichael's wide and varied career, covering a broad range of topics (relating to pre and post independence Sudan) from irrigation schemes to administration of the Sudan Defence Force.
The collection includes:

  • Papers covering a variety of issues including irrigation, cotton production, the national currency, the Sudan Defence Force, Sudanisation and development
  • A diary detailing Carmichael's work as an Assistant Meteorologist in the Posts and Telegraphs Meteorological Section
  • A selection of amateur and government publicity films showing life in the Sudan in the 1950s

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Diaries of W. N. Monteith

The Monteith papers include a series of diaries and one photo album. The diaries give a valuable insight into the personal and professional life of an Sudan Political Service official. The early diaries provide an informative and often amusing account of a young Oxford graduate joining the Sudan Political Service, and give a detailed account of the life and responsibilities of an Assistant District Commissioner. The later diaries give a highly informative account of the last years of British rule in the Sudan as Monteith draws upon his unique position at the centre of the new parliament to provide commentary on the politics behind the process of independence.

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Papers of J.G.S. Macphail: District Commissioner (1923-1945)

The papers of James Macphail cover his various roles in the Sudan Political Service amongst the tribes of Northern and Southern Sudan.
The collection includes:

  • Reports and correspondence on how the British administered the Sudanese population at a local level
  • Material relating to tribal court cases and other disputes which document the daily lives of Sudanese tribespeople
  • A large number of photographs showing various aspects of tribal life in the Sudan

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General Sir Reginald Wingate